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October 7, 2008
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2008 ST Limited
My buddy at TRS and I did the retrofit on my 08 ST. I love how it looks, but we have to make a few adjustments to finalize the work. I bought a new set of headlight housings first so that I wouldn't be without my truck for a few days.... the problem that we discovered was that the new aftermarket "factory replacement" housings differed quite a bit internally from the OEM internals. The bowls for example were quite different not only from OEM bowls but from each other. So when we mounted the massive projectors we measured out exactly where they should sit, needless to say..... that didn't matter lol. Once they were installed into the truck we noticed a HUGE projection aim flaw that couldn't be solved by simply adjusting the housings, but here's the parts list:

- Nissan Murano 3" projectors (
- Porsche Panamara shrouds (
- Morimoto XB Amber LED rings
- Morimoto LED Shroud Amber Halos (main halos in photo)
- Morimoto D2 5K 50W HID Bulbs (
- Xenon Lighting System 55 watt HID Ballast (
- Xenon Lighting System HID Bi-Xenon Relay (
- Xenon Lighting System D2 Adapters (
- Swedish Industries JDM Amber LED Corner lights (
- 27 Bulb Cree LED JDM Amber 3157 Turn Signal LEDs (
- (8) 50w 4ohm LED Load Resistors (
- 1 resistor per low beam
- 1 resistor per high beam
- 1 resistor per turn signal (front and rear)
- Ram Bar, completely forgot who the manufacturer is but I got it on
- 22" LED Light Bar by Xenon Lighting System (









Things to be added:
-TRS' new flexible JDM Amber flexible LED strips to the parking light section of the housing as additional turn signals
-TRS' new mini D2 Matchbox Projectors to the fog lights, doing dual projectors in each fog light housing or possibly running TRS' JDM projector (rectangular projector)
-Custom JDM Amber LED board to fill space between the TRS Flexible strips
-Amber XB rings to the fog lights

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Wow. Really amazing *adds 'do retrofit' to list of mods to do*

Looks good :)

Looks good! I'm loving that light bar too!

Awesome mod!

Looks good! I'm loving that light bar too!

Thanks man, I actually have it attached to a control module that allows from strobing, breathing and various brightness levels

Thats pretty sweet!