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Retrofitting Projectors in a 1st Gen

I found a projector expert. This guy has done many retrofits of OEM HID projectors in all types of vehicles. We're shooting e-mails back and forth about putting some in my X. He thinks bi-xenons will work since the housing is fairly large, so I'd have highs and lows. I'll keep everyone up-to-date.

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I read and saw a guy in the HID forum who sanded the lines out of the plastic headlight lenses so a projector would have a good cut off line.

Was that on an Explorer? I just found out about HIDForums last night and have been reading a bunch of posts. Think I'll leave it up to the experts for my retrofit. I told him Procarparts is supposed to be getting the diamond lamps in sometime soon but he said there wouldn't be much of a difference using those or stock.

I just posted over there to see if someone remembers where that post about sanding lenses is.
I cant believe that you would get a good beam pattern through the X fluted lenses. I think you would be dissapointed after all the work of a retrofit.
If I was going to do that I would sand the lenses.

I think he had already planned on doing the sanding. He said after he was done it would look stock and the lights would shine well.

So it begins. I'll be purchasing some new lamps (so there are no scratches, and I need headlights til then), and have them shipped directly to this guy. I asked if he could do a lexan cover because I prefer that look. Within the next 2 weeks or so I should have HID projectors :D

The guy got the headlamps today. He told me bi-xenons will fit, so I ordered some off eBay. These are the same projectors they use in BMW, Mercedes, Jaguar, Audi, etc 2003-2004. The cool thing about bi-xenons is they are hi and low beam. When you flip to high, a solenoid on the projector collapses the shield to let out more light. I also ordered HID ballasts and bulbs from the same guy. They are Hella Gen 4 ballasts with Philips D2S bulbs (4300K). Everything is OEM so it's not gonna burn out like those Taiwan kits. The guy doing my retrofit is also doing a write-up here:

I can't wait til everything is all finished!

Don't HID's draw less off the charging system?

Yes, they use less power and produce more light.

He has 1 headlight done right now. I am EXTREMELY happy with the outcome. He said whenever I feel like buying the new diamond lenses, he'll switch the lenses for me. The cutoff isn't so great because of the textured lens, but when I'm offroading at night, a cutoff would not be beneficial. Here's my favorite pic out of the gallery


Awsome! Can we get a total price when you're done?

I already have a total. He charged $150 (parts, labor, harnesses so I can just plug straight into my 9004 plug), got Hella Gen 4 ballasts & Philips 4100k bulbs on eBay for $220, Mercedes E55 Bi-Xenon projectors for $130, new housings (didn't wanna use my old scratched up ones) $85. In total it's close to $600. I had a lot of money to blow so it's not too bad IMO. I didn't wanna risk doing this myself so I had him do it.


They'll be on their way back home hopefully tomorrow! He said he's just gotta glue the last lens back on. I can't wait!!! I asked him about the diamond lamps and he said they won't be much of an improvement over the stock ones. He aimed the projectors a certain way as to not glare much at all. Anyways, I'll have tons of pics when I get the projectors back. Woo!

Those lights look great. Neat slide show. Also looks like the beam pattern is much better than I thought it would be comming through the lined lenses.
A real sharp cutoff isnt such a great thing as the stray light is good for illuminating the surrounding area.
Looking forward to your pics.

Yeah I agree. IMO the cutoff is just for looks, but since I'll be using these offroad, and at night, the spread will be a nice help.

Did he spry paint the inside of the surround lense??? and off topic but Everett,WA are you a twitcher?? lol you will get it if you have seen dawn of the dead lol the story is based on that town right?" is it big?

Yes he spraypainted everything black to make the projector less noticable when turned off. I didn't see Dawn of the Dead, and never heard of it being based here ..

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well, i broke down and bought them from PCP

cool though that your the first to get them custom made, and im the first to buy them :)