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Return from AGR Wheeling Ranch, Woman's Rock Crawling Competition


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May 3, 2003
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Smithville/Austin, Tx
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08' Suzuki SX4

Actually there were a lot of other words I could have probably used to describe this small but highly effective event.

Let me start off by saying, I have never been to AGR, nor have I been to a crawling event, so this was all a new venu for me and my commrads.

We started our journey by meeting Trckmagik and accociates at there house in the north Dallas area for coffee and a special ride in his secret purple people eater, man what a trick rig, props go out to and Chuck for turning out such a fantastic job!

So after a thrill ride to the coffee shop and back, we all piled in our street rides and headed out for a 2 hour trip north west to AGR Wheeling Ranch, upon arrival, we stopped at the motel where the preliminary driver's meeting was and a small meet and greet was happening.

There we met Chuck of Unique Concepts of Texas, he was nice enough to let us catch up on our long uneventful travels (bathroom) before we got started to head out for the Ranch.
Just a short jaunt down the road a bit to the Ranch we meet Tim McGill and Craig who signed us up on our waivers and took our monies, these two gentelmen spent the better half of an hour talking with us about the ranch an how it came to be, and just general BSing.

As we were getting aquanted, mor and more rigs started to pull in, some driven and most of them trailered, lets not fool you guys, these people were serious, we're talking 40 foot trailers (goose necks) with three rigs each on them, there were guys with extra parts in the back of thier truck and trails trying to sell them, for an example, 5 Super Swamper radials, with better than 50% tread for $250 :eek: , and so forth.

The days events started with a woman's driver's school for off rading techniques, to get familliar with thier rigs they would be driving, the terrain they would be traversing, and some simple but effective safety mesures, the best was the "Pending Rollover".

Here Tim and "Barney" his purple Jeep would take each woman competitor and as a passenger scale a 17+ foot vertial wall till the vehicle got tipsey, and let them feel what the breaking point was like.
This is something everyone want to pay for a ticket to ride.

By this time is wa a little after noon and it was lunch and last minutes checks off the equipment for the competition, and for the guys..............

Remember this is a woman's competition, so the guys, you guessed it had to dress up like lady's, we'll try there best at least. :p

So they all ducked off to go get ready, some of the driver's were nice enough to help thier spotters with the makup application and bra arrangement.

Oh what a disruption it was, we couldn't help but loose it all day, it was just way too funny to see these guys take a step off thier box to dress up for there sweeties.

Take notice that we didn't bring our rigs to the event, although we kept talking and kicking ourselves about it, it would have been a little easier to get around the property for us.

But we wern't there to wheel, we were there to take in the event and report back to you all.

The event was broken down into 2 classes, moderate (4ish trails) and Expert/extreme (5-6ish) classes, these classes were designed with big and small rigs in mind, as some would have advantages in some areas, where other would not, and vice versa, very well thought out and brought together.
All participants were allowed to walk the runs with there spotteretts and decide how they were going to attack and cruch the competiton on that particular trail run.
Moderates were given 10 to complete there pass and Expert were given 12 min.

We started with the moderates and the first team was doing fantastic till the last third and the poor little jeep decided to chunk an axle, she was devistaed, "I wasn't through!" she said upset at her dismay.
Luckly a crowd member said he had one and so the judges let them fix the Jeep on the trail to finish the competition, she had a perfect score till this happens, AND to top it off, this was her first time EVER to drive, let alone run the vehicle in a competition!
She gets major props for that!

While the repairs were commencing, we all moved over to the Expert trail and did the preliminary walk trough of the coures and started the runs.

There isn't nothing like seeing the tooth fairy running and spotting the rig as she is just tearing up the trail to the finish, pictures are only so much, sometimes you just have to be there.

The expert class was somewhat grulling and worked both the driver and spotterette, to thier witts end, this will really tell you whom works well together as a team.

The judges were very upstanding and gracious in there points deduction and scoring, and there general keeping people and competitors in line.

I'm sure you have seen enough of my writing, so now it's on to posting some picture so you can get a slight feel for what went on, but before we go there:

I want give out a HUGE thanx to:

Tim for the use of his property and for taking the time to make us feel at home and more than welcome at the ranch, plus there was a special lil William that more than enjoied the rides you gave him all day in Barney, thanx again Tim you rock!

Craig, for taking our monies and autographs and having the time to sit and talk with us also and for laughing along with us all in the days events.
And for the batteries for my small camera, the big camera died in the class session and you saved the day!

Chuck of Enique Concepts of Tx. for spending the day with us around the property and for building some of the most radical rigs here in the Texas areas, and for the use room # 41. hehe

To all al the woman that competed, you lady's a re tough as nails and put forth you best effort on the trails to provide some of the most entertaining driving we have seen.

To all the Spotteretts, you guys were awsome!!!
Thank you for making us laugh all day!

To all the other wheelers at the ranch for letting us come in a making us feel welcome like family, all of you all were super nice and made us feel at hime, we had a great time and are looking forward to coming back and wheeling with you all in the very near future.

Trckmagik, for inviting us to go and spending all day goofing off with us.

Thank you all!

Chuck at Unique Concepts built the below Explorer.


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Trckmagik's Purple People Eater.


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Here is Tim and Craig talking with our group.
Damn these guys are super laid back!


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Well it was a Sammy


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This one is for Broke "B"


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Anyone who knows me:

This should be on my diff cover. ;)


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Big block 454 single person crawler, other wise known as: OGRE


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I need not say any more:


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Brand spanking new Rubicon


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Honey I'm waiting for you to get my Jeep off this trailer!


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Now where did my man go with my Jeep?


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Damn honey, you already broke it?!!


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The kids were having a blast at the event too.


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Hmmm you think they were thinking of us?


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