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Return from Badlands with pics


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July 10, 2003
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Greenwood Indiana
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96 xlt
well i guess i will start this.....had a great time on the trail on saturday.... ran the green trail first thing in the morning....its a little tough...lots of straight up and down hills that ya get highcentered on...i lost a drivers side rocker pannel, and the passenger side will be comming off later this week :D Arnie even was scraping his rocksliders over them with his 33's and a body lift :eek: thats about all the trail damage we took....the stock 5.0 that was with us beat the crap outta his running boards, but he took it like a pro.

all my pics are in my gallery, i will post some more up later as well as more stories, just dont have alot of time :cool:

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Sounds like a good time to add some sliders (after the BL). :D Looks like fun. :cool:

Stock explorer on the green trail

again, highcentered

me in the same spot, i made it through with no problem, but thats where i lost the rocker was a steep straight up, and then hard left and back down.

Me with my rocker :D



stock pathfinder

Mikes Fle

other side

me and mike

Me showin a little flex :cool:

and the stuff, you can see the missing rocker pannel here

me pullin mike back over the tree...he was just barely too short, got caught on the tbar adjuster skid plate area

Mike in the creek

More Creek


Trying to hold yourself up aint ya lol

you know...that part where you lost your ds rocker looks exactly like the place where i lost mine last year!

I wish i could have made it, we had house lookin stuff planned. I did however work on a truck...taxxs wet sanding (looks pretty good). And I finally got my spindle off!!!!!! ok enough of the hijacking.

Wish I coulda been there :(

haha yea i know, as soon as i did that, i pulled it right back trail, the last hill we climbed is where it came off...hill went straight up then down and left at teh same time......oh well :D

We can run some stocker trails together at chubbfest next month :D

Hell yah man, we'll have a blast and you can experience the wonders of wheelin clutch burnin gear grinder :D


i wish i could have been there.. looks like you guys had alot of fun. i really want to make the next run. all i need is rear tow points and a strap. i'll keep myself updated at i REALLY want to get out and wheel my truck at a park with fellow explorers.

Looks like you guys had a good time. I warned him about loosing his running boards or rockers. Looks like "slab hill" has changed alot too. You used to drive up the slabs to get to the top and the left side was barley used last time I was there... lot changes at the Badlands every year, that why it is nice to go back once or twice a year.

Side note, anyone and everyone is welcome to come hang out with us at "Chubfest" the 14th - 17th of July... there are usually three groups every day for every level of trail, easy to hard. :thumbsup: Heck we even got a couple ATV members going.

hey mike, ya know that trail we were on with the big jimmy that was marked orange taht we decided not to go down? i was thinkin about it, thats the trail we ran last year with all the zr2's i think. we prob could have made it again cause it wasnt until i got stuck that we had a problem and we were already past that part.

Are you talking about the one by the log I was stuck on? Or the one that he crunched his doors on?

it was after you got stuck on the log....we went left, then started down a trail and i noticed an orange flag, so we turned around and went to the quary.... for some reason i thought taht was the one that we ran with the zr2's but only the other way

That very well could be. I get turned around out there in the woods sometimes. :confused:

Arnie, did you paint your rims or are they just that dirty? Looks like you painted them, since they never get clean, even after the creek.

he got them powdercoated black, and painted his exaust tips black all really looks great

haha yea i get turned around back there too, but for some reason i though it was, oh well :D

Yup....powdercoated black. Turned out well. Now I have to paint the roof rack black also.

EverythinTech.....glad you had a good time...I was worried you weren't after scraping the crap out of your running boards. :eek:

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