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Photos Return from Colorado Colors Run '04

The fish....


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I have that same picture of my rig in St. Elmo almost the same spot. all my pictures are getting devolped so a should have them soon.

Nice truck/trout Brett.

Ok, here's some of my pics:

Hancock Pass 12,140ft. (It was sleeting when this photo was taken)


Marshal(offroader69me) on Mt.Princeton (This is one of the "wider" spots)


Joey(JTX) in the rock garden on Iron Chest


Marshal in the rock garden


Ariel(-=DaemoN=-) in the rocks


Man, I wish I could have made it!

Here are some pix that Joel captured, not much. We mostly have videos but have nowhere to upload it online.

Saturday pix here


Sunday's pix here


If your elite, you can upload video to EF..

Premier said:
If your elite, you can upload video to EF..
How do you do that? :confused:

Here are more pics from my camera.

lunch break at St Elmo...

Mike (MrBoyle) saves the day

me, posing!


Joey (JTX) going up iron chest.

Looks like you guys had a great time!

Tucson was fun - not too hot, but no rain or snow either! We will have to make next year a big CCR run.

Hey Brian,
Looks like we ran Iron Chest just in time. I just read over on CO4x4 that the rock garden at the begining of the trail has been put back and is more difficult than it origionaly was!

Dang wish I'd known this was going on, sorry I missed it :(. I wouldn't ahve done wheeling anyways but it would've been cool to go nonetheless.
By the way, have you guys heard of Rocky Mountain Ford Truck Club? Not a competition for this site, just a cool place for local Ford Truck/SUV owners to get together and plan stuff, check it out,
Mrboyle, I've got a member in grand junction dyin for some local folks to hang with.