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Return From Glamis Carnage Run 2008


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January 8, 2006
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Well I made it home from Glamis and Boomer12 on his way back home after dropping me off. Has a great time out there with Everybody would have been better if i could have had taken my truck. Hopefully next time and Yes there will be a next time for Me.:D

Like the title says it was a carnage run if bits we had 4/5 trucks that had problems of one sort or another:p: SO the only the truck to not have any problems was.......Boomer12:D

the casualty list was:
R.J. between there 2 vehicles they each had a flat tire. and the Navajo broke a rear shock and recontoured a coil bucket:rolleyes:

Mounty71 was also a recipient of a flat tire shortly after he arrived and also found out the hard way that the 4WD does'nt work:scratch:

Black Goblin made it out last night and on his first run he grenaded the clutch;)

But in all it turned out to be a great weekend:D:thumbsup: Look forward to doing it again sometime in the future.

Thank Again to Boomer12 for everything this weekend..hey by the way wanna go for 11/11?:D

And thanks to everyone else that came and for the Hospitality from everyone it turned out to be a great weekend for me even having next to no funds and no truck.:(

Well I have photos to upload and will be posting them shortly:cool:

The attendees:
R.J. Both halfs and there friend Justin:D
Mounty71 and his friend Kevin
Black Goblin

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...:bounce: ..whats taking so long with the pics...:popcorn:

OK OK :) here something to tie over while the rest on uploading....

This was taken from Sand highway


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Well I should correct myself my truck made it to Glamis in spirit:D

And here are some from Friday after we arrived at Glamis on Friday afternoon First shots are our campsite and the rest are from Oldsmobile Hill




DCFC0189.jpg looks really quiet out there...:eek:...unusual for a 3 day weekend...:scratch:

Now time for the Carnage:D:D:D

Mounty71's new ride the morning after arriving at Glamis

Mounty71 and RJ trying to get Mounty71's 4wd to engage

Mounty71 almost lost his muffler after making a killer jump:thumbsup:

R.J.'s Bronco with a flat

R.J.'s Navajo with a broken shock and a flat tire at the same time:eek:


And Mounty71 helping with getting Black Goblins newly purchased Jeep ready for the tow home after the clutch went south shortly after his arrival

and finally we have Boomer12 helping out some folks in providing a jump start for there Motorhome

 them's some good pictures....:D

I'm home safe an sound, and can finally declare victory since I made it home with no injury or damage...:). I can definitely see now why "go-fast" is so addicting, and have to say that this weekend has me rethinking some of my plans for the Ex...:confused:

I need to go through what couple pictures I managed to take but no promises as I was either to busy looking around at all the sand people, or to far behind R.J. & Mounty to get anything good...:eek:

Big thanks to R. & J. for putting this together, and I look forward to doing it again...:D
Cyber, it wouldn't have been the same without you there so thanks for coming...:thumbsup:


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Were you guys actually getting holes in the tires or just popping them off the bead?

Did you end up Manually setting Mounty71's xfercase to 4x4 by removing the shift motor and turning the knob by hand?


Well Mounty's tire problem was from a wheel weight that was causing the bead to leak
the Bronco was cut from what we believe was debris in the sand and the Navajo was from a spirited night run which bent the rim :D

And yep that's what they were doing in the pic i posted above

we just made it home. trying to upload pics right now



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boys boys boys all those flags and not 1 EF flag!!!!!! shame shame shame!!

roflol Looks like you had a great time!

...i know one of the riders who didn't take his truck has one since santa gave it to him...:scratch:

Here is a couple of pics I got. I wasn't able to get much sence my rig broke at 12am last night :p It was kinda dark for my cam and I was kinda preocupied with the carnage hehe :D



Yup but i need a bigger flag for the next glamis run :D;)

I just made if back to Long Beach, after a 5 hour drive to Simi Valley, then an hour here. I had a really great time, i've seen tons of pics and videos and heard tons of stories about glamis, and i'm happy i finally got the chance to get out there. I was pleasantly surprised by how well the new explorer handled the whoops. It is a world of difference between it and the mounty. I loved being able to stop on soft sand facing uphill, and not having to worry about getting started again. Cybergasm's truck and mine also played a little round of musical bumpers. :) I think my favorite times this weekend were the synchronized jump with RJ and then nearly side swiping each other on the landing, or doing 65 mph along side the canal.

The aftermath of this weekend:
flat tire
front left shock might be leaking
front axle is leaking a lot more
windshield cracked from a dirt bike with throwing rocks with paddle tires in front of me
rear view mirror
trans. case shift motor needs replacing
front left coil bucket is on its way to being like RJ's :(

My friend got some pictures and i think a few short videos too, don't know how they turned out but i'll get them up as soon as he sends them to me. He also had a great time this weekend, so thanks everyone for helping to show him a good time. Also thanks to Boomer for all your help with the tire and everything, and thanks to Robbie for lending your tools and a helping hand. It was good to get together with everyone again, and James, glad you could make it out with your 'new arrival.'

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. goblin, your in need of updating your signature...:D