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Return from Harrisonburg, VA


Mike -

Glad to see you back on the boards - - yeah, Gerald had an awesome shot, guess I unloaded the front end just at the right moment . . .

How's the engine swap going??


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Hi Ho Sabin!!! Pull in them reins on that there buckin' Splorer!!! The pic looks great under your name!!!

My swap -- it's going. Doing the body lift right now. Ran into some nasty frozen bolts that were seized in the body mount sleeve thing a ma jiggers. Tried everything to break them loose, so after heating them up, two of the bolts broke off in the sleeve. No big deal, the new sleeves (forgot the actual name of the part) are on order from Ford, should be here in a couple days.

Once we get the body lift on, we're going to pull the old motor and tranny, then proceed with installing the brand spanking new Keith Craft 306 and Lentech Street Terminator Plus Wide Ratio AOD. I'm sure they'll look better in my rig than sitting on the floor of the shop, where they've been for quite some time. The shop has been swamped for some time, but the owner is finding time and space for my rig now. I've been patient, because the reason they're always swamped is because they're really good -- and I want to do this right the first time. So slowly but surely, the swap is progressing.

Looks like you guys had a good time on your run. Can't wait to be able to get back on the trail with my rig.

Ever come up with a solution for mounting a winch behind your front bumper?

Why is it that whenever Gerald is at a run somebody ends up wheeling with 3 wheels? To think, we made fun of GoFast's spotting.

Since this is my one post per who know's how often, welcome to the moderator club. Is't it time you head up to Wellsville and buy me that drink. I'll take a 12 pack of pepsi if you don't mind. :D

As GoFast say's, this is my one post per month, so don't kick me off the board. :p

Wow guys I had a really awesome time. At the tellico run this spring you guys will see a much bigger and badder explorer too.

And Gerald, thanks for bringing that up :p I will have to live with that forever I guess. Next time I will follow the trail gear list point by point.

My pics will be up soon, plus pics of my trail damage :D

trail damage

what do you mean trail damage....that wasnt no damage. more like character can fix that quick cant ya.

well ive been doin a lot of shoppin in the locker world and I think Im gonna go with the lock-rite. Tax returns will be coming back ina few weeks and the locker will be right behind them. see you guys at tellico

haha, Jason 25, i've got that video of you hitting that rock with your bumper, man it's funny, i did warn you, but not soon enough!! I'll have to get it to you somehow!

Good luck with the lock Jason. I was really impressed with your driving and the way your explorer works with the LS. I thought it did really good. I'm going to call my future brother-in-law tonight and talk to him about me coming down to VT and staying with him and maybe we can do a run some saturday morning or something like that. But i will get down there some time, don't know when but i will get down there!

I actually noticed today that i hit a rock with my rockers and smashed a small part in, but i was able to beat it back out, and with that heculiner on it you couldn't even tell i bent it back!!

When is the planned Tellico run? I'll go ahead and mark it in my planner!!

Happy trails!!


The locker is coming thats all i know. just as soon as tax returns roll in. I was kinda impressed with my ex too, its nice to be able to do some stuff that lets you test the abilities of your truck and your handling of it.

whenever you can get up here is cool. i usually work nights not really knowingwhat days I have off too far in advanced, but i never go in untill the evenings so somthing on a morning would be great. or if we plan something far enough ahead I could just get off work.

If we work it all out maybe john (yob yeknom monkey boy) and brian (RU MAN) could swing by too. be kinda cool to get together and run a few trails.

Heres some pics of some of the stuff we have up here at tech and run in the club.

Dead Link Removed

And heres the club site...notice even bad a#$ hummers get stuck

That's pretty sweet! We'll have to just play it by ear, might wait until spring when it could be a little muddier and a little nicer weather!!

Happy trails!!

Here's my pics from the run. (kinda big).


Cool Pics

Great photos Jason (25). That last one of your rig at twilight looks really good.

Kind of have to agree with Jason (E - - sc4wda) What Trail Damage ??? Okay, maybe a little fender flare remodeling, but it wasn't even enough carnage to make your photo gallery. . . bet its already fixed, too.

DOGMAN - Got the winch coming in the mail - - the local 4x4 shop is up to the task, may involve a small front skid plate, but should be "doable" without signifcant modifications.


So . . .why aren't we all at Tellico this weekend ???

Re: Cool Pics

YEA so why arnt we all at Tellico

I sure wasnt doing anything this weekend. dangit, well I guess its better that I get ready for when we all do get there in a while.

Paul. I bedlined sprayed my trim today like I saw on your rig...did the door panels, mirrors, rear coners, even did the door handles. all took about 5 hours, 5 cans of paint and $50 that stuff aint cheap, it was a pain in the a$% tapng newspaper everywhere. didnt get to the grill, ran out of light. But it looks awesome, thinking about doin my roof rack next, dont know.

see yall later

$10 a Can ?!?!?!

Holy Cow !!

Yeah, I know the textured paint ain't cheap, but you could buy a whole gallon of Herculiner for $89.oo.

Realized I need to re-paint my stuff too (after you guys noticed it), but hey, its been three years since the first coat . . .

As usual, its the taping and prep work that takes the most time. Glad you're happy with the outcome.


not just plastic......


I was thinking about herculining that whole area anyway.........

Damage ??

Okay, okay, okay. . . .

So when is mud considered damage ??


aw come on, surely you have to see where it got scratched! :hammer:

Ah that should buff right out!! haha

Hey Paul, i'm making a trip to the junk yard on tuesday i think. Do you want me to keep an eye out for a door handle for you? I'm going to round up a few skip plates i think.

Happy trails!!


Josh -

Thanks. Sent you a PM.


Nice pics Jason and Jamie

:confused: Hey, I think I spotted the - umm - damage :confused: It looks really - umm - damaged :D

Sorry for joyining the others to give you a hard time :D It's actually a nice to see somebody who cares about his vehicle!

Abd as I said, nice pics, Jason and Jamie. Thanks :D

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Paul, yea the taping took most of the time. About an hour and half each side to newpaper entire truck. looked like that enterprise rental car commercial. got to the grill yesterday...looks great.

Josh, what are you making the skid plates with. are you making them yourself or something you can just pull off and put on yours

Jason, you outta be ashamed of yourself :nono: that wasnt even damage worth talkin about .