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Return from MOAB 2003 (photos)

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Jefe your brother's Jeep is flexin a lot better these days since the new suspension, looks good, to bad you could have your ride there

Jefe, I don't get it, all your pics are of a Jeep. :eek: :confused: :nono: ;) :D

All my pics are up (I hate dial-up). I still haven't arranged them but they are all there. See my post at the top of the page for the link to my pics.

My personal favorite.


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    moab 03.jpg
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Originally posted by RangerX
Jefe, I don't get it, all your pics are of a Jeep. :eek: :confused: :nono: ;) :D
It was the 4x4 god's payback for the first trip out to Moab when I had to ride with him.

(Wait a minute, I didn't even have a J**p then? . . . actually, it was because of that trip that I finally bought a J**p again . . . Oh, never mind!)

Cool, thanks for the update:D