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Photos Return from Moab 2009!


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February 8, 1999
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What a trip! Seems like the trip was plagued with from the start. Lost of little issues and breakage but still a good time was had by all. I'll leave the carnage stories of others for them to report.

As for me I was able to enjoy a total of 3 miles of trouble free wheeling on Posion Spider Mesa before my trouble hit. The Webber carb on my Toyota decided it didn't want to control fuel flow any more and just let it run straight through. To get it off the trail I ran the ground side of the fuel pump through a toggle switch and just cycled the pump on and off to keep the engine running. At camp I pulled the carb apart and found a brass chip in the needle/seat and was hopeing that was what the problem was. The parts house ordered me a carb kit just in case, but it didn't arrive Saturday morning, so I put the carb back together and it didn't fix the problem. Thats when Brian1 noticed there was coolant leaking under my rig so I took a look and found that the lower tank on the radiator has split. My wheeling for the weekend was done! Thanks to Marshall I had a seat on Saturday.

Saturday the group ran Strike Ravine (south east of town). At lunch we parked at the entrance to Helderado. A few of us wakled the trail and checked out the infamous waterfall. Looks like a fun trail, but would result in major body damage to something as large as an Explorer. After the trail we ran up to Area BFE and played around for a little while. Its a neat area with lots of different obsticles ans places to play around on.

Thanks to everyone that came and helped make this another great turnout. Enough rambeling heres some pics:

Great pics Mike, if it makes you feel any better about your truck not being there, the photos are always great from you.

I had a blast as usual. Brought home quite a bit of carnage. I made it back to Phoenix in 7 hours, 1 stop for fuel, one stop to "check the tires" on the side of the road. I also will be starting another thread about the 2 2010 prototype super dutys I saw on I17 with the disguised leather over the fenders!!! They ran along side of me for about 40 miles. I tried to grab some photos and unfortunately the camera was in the Explorer so they are just low res cell phone pics.


We ran Golden Spike, a great trail but very long...especially when Kevin's track bar mount peeled the welds from the frame. He broke in about as bad of a place it could have been about halfway through a long trail, but teamwork was in full force and after a few attempts we got this together to the point that he was able to complete the trail and drive home on the highway. Even better, he had it welded last year in Moab and it lasted 1 year to the day (Friday from last year), a local 4x4 shop not only covered the work, but gave him 2 pretty slick gussets and he should be in real good shape for the future. Now talk about the perfect timing and great customer service. Furthermore we found 2 missing u-joint caps on Kevin's truck. It just turned out to be one of those days for him but his truck didn't skip any obstacles.

We split the group and were on the trail until about 9:30 by the time we got everything worked out. My truck was flawless Friday, I passed up no obstacles thanks the the spotting by 90Ranajo and with an extra 1/2 quart of tranny fluid the transmission never slipped.

Saturday we ran Spike Rivine with a bigger group and I was amazed after walking Helldorado. We passed on that trail, however I'm hoping HVAC Man surfaces some photos of his beast on that trail.

Everyone was doing pretty good Saturday and Brian1 mentioned heading down to Area BFE. He also mentioned jumping and great rock obstacles in an area where the parking lot was 100 yards. Sounds like a winner. Time to get wild I guess.

I began hitting this jump and on my final attempt I had 2nd gear pinned (probably about 30 mph) and realized on my way down that I was going to need to grab the brakes to stop in a hurry. I just came crawling off a ledge before where I was slipping so I opened up the full amount of pressure to the rear brakes on my proportioning valve. I kinda screwed up by not resetting the lever, I know better than to brake in mid air, but jamming the brakes as the truck bounced on the landing and I ripped a rear caliper right off the axle.



I got that line pinched off and the guys spotted me up another really nice rock climb after I told myself I was done. There was too many of the good guys there to help me out not to keep on running in this awesome area.

That wasn't all of it either for me, on the way back to camp my truck got some electrical gremlins (I was fighing a bad negative terminal all day) and some crazy stuff started happening such as a strong burning smell and the wipers started going all crazy, about twice as fast as high speed even though I didn't touch the lever. Then I started smoking, lost all power and died on the side of the road. It also smelled really bad like gas. I have been thinking the engine needs some love anyway but Brian1 identified gas leaking out of the header and thinks I have a dead cylinder. It wouldn't even move in hi range, I needed 4 lo to just drive off the road.

I went to unload the truck off the trailer and it was totally dead and I couldn't even jump start it with a jump box. I got everything else cleaned up and am saving this project for a few days later.

Great trip, great to see old friends and make new ones! Oh, and by about midnight last night with the assistance of a few ****tails Ralph and I are pretty sure we figured out the bank bailout, unemployment situation, auto industry and a few other issues our country is battling, he's a hellova guy and we might run for office in '12.

My pics will soon follow buy here is us in the crack

Moab 09 181 (Small).jpg
Moab 09 192 (Small).jpg
Moab 09 205 (Small).jpg

Kevin's carnage, we first repaired with chain, but it kept stretching or loosening our nut from our mcguyver turnbuckle.

Final solution, chain to crossmember for back side of mount, winch pulling on front.


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Too tired so here's a good one from today.


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We ran Behind the Rocks today. Marshall tried to end the day early at the stging area by dropping his right front into a ditch that sucked up his hole tire and then some. Lifted his left rear about 3 foot off the ground and caused an immediate violent reaction by his wife beating him. he suffered a little fender damage which we quicky buffed out with our shoe, locked our hubs and shifted into low range for the trail.

Clint did a great job leading the first 3/4 of the trail and we made it throuh the rest and back to the highway under Marshall's guidance.

I'll give more details when - am not typing from my phone.
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I'm stuck in Kerney,Ne. LAME! I got hit with a brutal hail storm that sidelined me on the side of I80 for 10 minutes of torture for the Ford. For Danny, Rick and Char, good seeing you in more your country than Attica. Too bad we couldn't hook up for wheelin. Maybe next time and there certainly will be a next time. Might be a couple of years.

On a plus side, my jeep totally rocked and Moab is the bomb!

Subscribing :D

I had a good time, Saturday was fun when we went to BFE and I finally got a chance to see what Upper Helldorado was like, I will be back to take on that trail with my "other" vehicle :D. I had just been to BFE back in April and I knew Dan would go for that jump :D

Strike Ravine was a trail I had wanted to checkout but I left my Explorer back at camp to ride along. Near the start with Marshall leading the way:


After we finished the trail a few went out to BFE, here Danny picks his line to head towards the top where the jump was


And the jump



More from BFE:


Sunday I did Bull Canyon with Paul and then he headed back out to start his trip home while I continued on to Gemini Bridges, Long Canyon and Picture Frame Arch where I planned to meet up with the group coming off Behind the Rocks.

Where we stopped at Bull Canyon, there was a mine shaft just below us in the canyon at this point


Long Canyon is a fun, tight trail that had seen some erosion recently that left part of the trail just wide enough for my Explorer to fit. Here is towards the top of the canyon:


Picture Frame Arch was a long trail and the turnoff to the lookout over Hurrah Pass and Kane Creek was a very faint trail that has not seen much use, I had my GPS with all the trail coordinates which made it much easier to find the turn.


Looking up Kane Creek:


I made a fast run back down the road when I saw dust clouds of everyone who just finished up Behind the Rocks so I pushed it and finally caught up a little before the main highway.

I went through my pictures and uploaded the better ones here: May 29-31 2009/

Made it back from Moab last night, back to work today:( Had a great time, just wish I had more time to stay there, like next 20 years or so. Great to see everyone, I should have some pics and maybe video to post soon. Anybody up for June 09 Moab run!!???

Moab ! ! ! !

Great pictures and and already wishing I had taken a few more days off - - just too many trails and not enough time. . .

My week (and initial carnage) started on Thursday at Metal Masher - - got to Mirror Gulch and my front drive shaft sheared a few bolts and was "done"... Removed the shaft and thanks to Gary and Sho, was spotted and tugged (twice) back to the trailhead. Had to modify Danny's spare shaft the next morning (Thanks again, Danny) based on length...

Golden Spike was awesome, even after almost dumping my rig on it's side at "the Wedgy" in the Poison Spider Mesa section of the trail... (if anyone snapped a good photo of that drama, please post it - - blew that one...:rolleyes:). Although Kev's track bar breakage was unfortunate, it was really cool working the problem out and getting his rig going - - he did the 'Zuki Hill, the Crack, Golden Stairs, etc., and the entirety of Gold Bar Rim with that set-up, pretty impressive stuff...

Strike Ravine was a good trail after the long night on Golden Spike and the "post trail activities" back at the camp - - sparse slick rock compared to Poison Spider, Golden Spike, and Gold Bar, but great loose rocks and steep climbs, totally different from the day before.

Thanks Brian for the Bull Canyon trip - - good way to finish off the weekend.

Too much blathering, still amped up from the energy drinks/coffee/chew for the drive home. Again, great seeing friends from previous runs and meeting some new wheelers.

Here's a few pics:

Moab - June 09!!!!

'91 Sport


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Oh, I got pics of that Paul.

Yeah, thanks. . .:rolleyes: Not my best moment, only damage was to my pride, though... (since you probably already know how I feel about body damage)....:splat: Thanks for the assist, guys...

'91 Sport


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Pushed out 791 miles today and still have another 350 to go tomorrow. I personally didn't take a single picture, but my camera was passed back and forth between my son and brother-in-law, so I'll see waht I have later and post them.
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Jeff - :navajo:

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