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Photos Return from Moab -pre CCR09 Run -Pics


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August 31, 2008
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St. Joseph, MO
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97 1 ton Jeep
We went and did Moab before heading over to CCR09 since it was so close in the area, this was my 1st time at Moab and we had a great time!!

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Next is a group photo, only rig that was missing was Mikes rental Jeep, the silver Rubicon was some new friends we met at Moab from Montana , they were absolutely great people!! They also were able to test there winch on my rear bumper that when i was hung sitting straight up and down.

Great pics!!!! Even tho you got hung up, you were still smiling and having a great time! Question: what is the year break(s) for the different gen explorer vehicles? Also, to install heavy suspenision systems, lift kits, coils, etc, is there cutting, welding, drilling etc required?

91-94 is first gen, 95-01 is 2nd gen, 02-05 is 3rd gen, 06+ is 4th gen. The 01-03 sports, and the 01-04 or 05 sport tracs are also considered to be 2nd gens.

A lot of the kits are bolt on, with maybe a little cutting, drilling, beating to make it fit. It all depends on the kit and how big you want to go.