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yea, i know you love it when everyone shows's like my main divide road's my back yard and i know the trail, but when everyone shows up and has fun, it's the best :D i was looking at my pics and i only have a couple of the dunes so i am hoping someone got action shots....i have a feeling everyone was either dodging, or watching out for, the thousands of quads that weren't paying attention...i didn't get any good pics that showed as far as you could see was was just amazing that you could be on top of the tallest dunes and only see one vehicle out...quads out numbered the vehicles on the dunes probably 1000 to one saturday...saturday night runs were *****en, and sunday was awesome, the dunes were ours...:D

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here's a couple that i do have on the dunes...this is when we first got on and the second pic is of the first wave of about 40 quads just going around us...the nissan in the pic was not with us and i think he was just finding safety in numbers from the quads...:scratch:



i wished someone took a pic of the boys in the sand rail i towed back from comp hill...the razzing they took on the back of that tow strap from all the campers were priceless, lmao...:D if it wasn't hard enough to get thru all that mess with towing a vehicle, all the quads would go by and do broadies at the truck cause they new you couldn't chase them down...there was a few idiot drivers out there driving thru camps to trying to get home..

it sounds like we had a bad time but it was a total carnage...the only part that had to be replaced was a coil on the buggy...and only one real search and rescue was mounted up for your brother on the quad saturday night....he showed up as everyone was leaving from the camp which spawned the saturday night fun run...:burnout:

i do want people to know that we could not pay for camping so we had the day passes...sunday morning we went back out to pay for that day ... so we did our best to be legal...:D

Ya, with all these quads outnumbering us, the problems with the sandrail, the packed campgrounds and no where to sleep, it does sound like we had a bad time, but this was by far my best time in pismo! Next time, maybe arvin can take his turn making the long drive down to us for a run:)

i think they usually just went out alone or with just a quad, so no real photo opportunities. hopefully i'm wrong tho....

i think this is as good as i got of was always either coming and going...i got the first one when they showed up sat afternoon and the second one is it being worked on next to my X...sorry, there were girls to be chauffered and dunes to go crazy on....but, i will look for more tonight...;)



the pics above, when arvin and them started showing up, looks like the parting of the red sea had just happened, lmao... when they got there the drive lane was wide open and hundreds of vehicles had's a few pics with the camp getting ready, kind of a walk from one side to the other...all the vehicles in the pics were with us...i think a couple of vehicles were still out at the dunes when i took these...the seating in these pics was just temporary as after we got things going we had a huge ring of chairs by the vehicles all around the campfire...there were cars that parked out on the street and were shuddled in...there were that many people, well at least twenty or more , lol :scratch:






here's some more...the first pic is of the first tent going up and i must say, this crew was more entertaining to watch as they worked in perfect harmony and spun this thing around like synchronized swimmers...these guys did this task in mere minutes and that includes unloading 2 trucks full of stuff into this tent...they all were ready to hit the dunes...the rest are some more set up random shots...





Is there a posted speed limit on the sand?

i have some more pics that are really pretty much the same or they are of my project X...after the set up pics ,the bar b q and then, the wet t shirt contest, the next 24 hours was a blur of going slow, going fast, dunes, sand, and bangs and crunches...i do have a few, new dents in the roof of my truck above the back seat, from the victim's, oops, i mean riders heads, who thought they wouldn't need to wear their seat belt's in my truck...;) you should have seen the faces of the girls after we did the woops and my electric tooth brush turned on in the back...:eek:
btw, i was just kidding about the wet t-shirt contest ;)

izwack, there is a posted speed limit on the beach and the camp area of 15 mph...they pretty much police the beach...your campsite is open target to be drove thru at anytime...last trip, froader, his dad and i just got there, the tents and trucks were set up and the fire was going and we had people drive probably within 4 feet of the fire...
...on the dunes i believe it's as fast as you can safely operate your, you put trophy trucks, hemi powered dune buggy's, quad's , motorcycles, and 4 wheelers with every store bought option lifted to the sky, together, kid's from maybe 6 years old on quads, and adults who think that the other guy is watching out for them...there is a drag race area, several whoops sections with one maybe a mile long, and fenced off, nature preserves spotted all over, and that's pismo beach...:D

sorry, i don'y have irfanview on this computer







really good time, even the first night trying to figure everything out.

matt, "R.J." is me and jim my uncle (R=Robert, J=Jim) the navajo is our project truck that we work on together so we just made one account here. justin is just one of my freinds with a bronco, he doesn't have a profile on this board.


actually, i don't think we had a vehicle on the dunes that everybody driving didn't pretty much test them out to the limits on how fast they would go and what it took to completely compress your suspension or see how much air they could get with all 4 wheels off the ground...
i myself didn't max it out as i wanted to drive her home, but i did have a blast and went a little crazy just to take advantage of all the sand hills, straight runs, and the tight ridge runs across the tops of several bowls at one time...a few of the guys took there trucks and rim road inside the bowls..:eek:
i must say it's a blast when you can drop straight down into a bottom of a bowl, help some buddy out, and then just drive out like it was nothing...when i went and got the buggy, i dropped straight down from comp hill, then down into the bowl below it...then towed them thats fun..:D

r.j., who was the other guy driving the other bronco? sorry, i'm terrible with names....let me guess, that is your uncle...;)

r.j., who was the other guy driving the other bronco? sorry, i'm terrible with names....let me guess, that is your uncle...;)

justin and jim both had bronco's. justin drove his and me and my uncle kinda traded off driving his


post number 33 your last pic is a red x...this pic above is cool...look at that sky...was that friday night or saturday night??? btw, thats a good picture size...;) it's easier to enjoy the pic...:D

that was friday night, and it came off justins camera so it was smaller. i didn't think that would work, cause it's a video


here we go

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cool, it works...:D....that first pic above that bronco got some air...dangit, now i want to go back...first i need to get a bigger bump stop for me pumpkin...;)