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I did spank a bunch of cherokees in a 2wd drag race except one

That's always good to hear:D:burnout:

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Like everyone else has said it was a fun trip, nice to put some faces with names...
Colin-you and your dad were both very cool to hang out with, i had a good time getting pulled out...i mean cruising, so thanks for that
Arvin-get a muffler and 2nd rear shock
Tom-thanks for making the long day trip down to come hang out, the Zuk looked great
Ted-hopefully we see your explorer out here next time
Matt-you had to wait to go mob until everyone left...whats up with that?
Can't wait to see the rest of the pics/video when they get posted

there should be another 6 cylinder in the jeep versus explorers race next time as my trucks tranny will be in by thursday long as the 4x4 and tc in it are good i'm itching to go again already...i did get a few good pics of your truck also and froader will have them by the end of the week...there is a guy here by the handle of carlover that would really like to see your rig as i told him about it and he just put spindles on his, look him up..and btw, i'm glad i met ya...

I really wish I could have been there.ld have been if my Trans didn't EXPLODE on me :(.... I really need a 5spd if anyone knows where I can get one. I am gonna convert mine so I can go out with you guys and have some un too.
I am gonna have the SOA on my truck soon so I will have a level truck like everyone else :D hehe

thats an awesome video, damn....good job could make a living at that...:thumbsup:


hey watsup guys. i had a grrreeat time!! i really cant wait till another meet at the end of summer. gives me and others enough time to finish their rides. but yeh, heres some pics


thanks for the tiki colin!! its wicked


group shot.



the aftermath

haha and i think i might just leave that muffler off, it sounds crazy idling. today some guy asked me if i had a crazy cam in my truck, because the it was "lopping agressively". and yeh hopefully by the next pismo meet, i can put on those sweet 9100 bilstein bypasses in the back. thanks for everybody who came out. it was awesome having just the usual i.e. white96x and mounty71 just show up. i hope the next meet is as big or even bigger then this one was.

hahaha, i captured the soul of the tiki too....nice meeting you and your X should be running by this weekend....

haha yeh. sorry for my little brother, he brought some young'ns to the fire that i didnt know where comin. i was hoping for a more relax'd environment. and how does august sound for the next meet?

it was all good for me...tell your brother to check his radiator, lmao...and tell him i got some good pics of his truck too...i got pics of everyone's rig and everybody but kenny...he was all over the place and i think i missed him, i don't know how, lol...i'm up for pismo each month but would like to get big bear in soon and i would like to do a little get together camping m&g down here, just chillin in between runs...

thats awesome. yeh we havent quite figured out wher the leak is coming from, we've got a new radiator and new hose. so im guessin it might be the actual pump leakin a little. i would love to see those pics too! u can send me a link or whatever if you'd like. yeh kenny is a crazy kid, we just sent him to the airport this morning, so that he could go back home to England.

heres some and if you look, kenny is helping with the tent, or is he looking for the chocolate for the smores??? lmao



haha those pics are awesome! i love how every truck there had black rims too.

and all my trucks have polished and they stick out from the crowd...:p:
if i post a pic you can find it at my link in my sig and froader will get a copy of all my pismo pics and he is much better at loading these than i am...anyway, if you guys want to come down june 9th or 10th i am trying to get some newbies together who missed pismo and will miss big bear...i'm trying to do this off the ortega highway at bluejay campground...

i would love to try to go to another group meet other then pismo, but... my mountaineer isnt a daily driver for a reaon. it sucks driving it on the street, let alone to a roadtrip! maybe if i get a another truck to tow it with. :) anyone wanna just come pick me up!?

in those group shots my truck is the smallest one :( but maybe by the next trip or soon after i will be running 33s with a couple more inches of lift.

i am already aching to get back to pismo too! i just put the pictures i took and videos onto my computer, i will try to post them here tomorrow. seeing them makes me want to go back even more! ryan, i know man, leave it to me to get in some driving only after everyone is gone, when there is no one to help me if i get stuck haha. i actually wanted to get in a run sunday morning but by the time i woke up colin and his dad were almost totally packed up ready to leave, then everyone else just followed suit. ah well, next time for sure!

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oh and just to get this out there, the first three weekends of august would be best for me but not that of the 24th because the end of summer school and beginning of fall semester.