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Return from Silverwood/Arrowhead Snud Run

What's with the driving around the rocks though?:confused::p:
Absolutely my fault. I was convinced he'd rip his rear bumper off coming down off the rock or slide sideways and roll down the hill to an early demise. I probably should have encouraged his gut instinct to go over... but then again, I tend to be the only one who ISN'T spending any money fixing my truck after every run (hmmmm) ;).

Ritsui-I forgot to ask about the springs so please pm me a price...:thumbsup:
Sorry, I completely forgot about that while you were here. I'll check the garage tomorrow, make sure they're OK and get in touch with you.

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I am inclined to agree. No lockers, flat leaf springs, yet still making it over stuff that wasn't easy even with lockers and nice round leaf springs :thumbsup:

well looks like another good run that i didn't go on. but i'll try to make it next time!

cyber, find your other explorer and pull the mudd t's off of it

Well I made it off the mountain safely:rolleyes: even tho it was an adventure
roads were starting to ice at 6pm! so I had to slip and slide my way bit to get down and it did'nt help having the spare on which made the handling a little interesting/unnerving. But everything is good. I have some pics just have to get the camera developed after i finish off the last few photos.

looks like you guys had a good time:thumbsup: What's with the driving around the rocks though?:confused::p:

I decided to take it easy ;) did'nt wanna to really break the truck prior to t-haven:D

and not a word about the bumper! I'm gussing one of the studs started spining with the lug nut? Thoses studs use to be tack weled:scratch:

I got two off without a problem it was just that thrid one that caused the problem.:( But on a high note i did use that bumper to pull out of a muddy chute:D

It was a pleasure meeting you two, Cyber & Boomer. Sorry I didn't get to say goodbye - I was sidetracked correcting a nightmare I made in my knitting :rolleyes: But it was very nice to get to chat with you both :):thumbsup:

Thanks for having me up there. Food was GOOD :D You guys have an awesome house i did'nt want to leave:cool:

So did Ritsui get his gloves back?

Yup he got em ;) But now i have his extra spare:cool:


So do you have the pics of me fighting my way up that muddy chute?:D

One word Boomer.......Video:D if i ever finish up filling that camera to get it off there

RJ I wish I could I am kicking myself now for not getting those tires off that truck sooner:mad:

Oh yea i forgot thanks Boomer for the lights :D

i like em on there.

...couple more...


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...last ones...


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Man Boomer you did get some *****in' pictures:thumbsup:

this one is quickly becoming my favorite:D


I'm calling that one "The lone Explorer".

If you want , I can throw them on a cd or something and deliver it to T-haven, so you have the full size ones...;)

Man, those are some awesome shots. What a beautiful place to wheel. You west coasters make me jealous.

Yup. Great pics Boomer :thumbsup:

...oh and Ritsui, about those springs...:D
Sorry, but I have to think about it a bit. My new springs are nice, but they also push the axle slightly forward and that is putting strain on the entire driveline which I can hear and feel. I'm not sure I can keep them without customizing either the perches or the drive shaft and I would rather not be stuck going back to the old monoleaf springs.

I'm probably going to have to pull the drive shaft and check for wear before committing to keeping the new springs.

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Here it is Video as promised:eek::confused: Boomer12 getting up a muddy chute:D