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Return from TDS '08


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November 16, 2006
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windy. sand going everywhere and getting in your eyes.

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. rained here yesterday at home, gorgeous this morning and the wind just started...:eek: where's the pics...:D

RJ, you went?

RJ, you went?

for a good hour or so :D

me and jim had to run down to mexico and grab some tacos, and on the way back said hi to the gang and exchanged some parts

Pics from tds 2008














...thats what i'm talking about....:D

We had as good of time as we could with the weather I guess. Always good to see old friends, and meet new ones.

MichroMachine. I hope you and your girl had a good time out there. Next time (at Truck Haven) will be better both weather and truck carnage wise. It was good to meet you both.

On to my pics. Here is the and here are some for the thread.

~'05 Silverado carnage:

At the vendor area:

Dave and his umbrella:

Other Randoms:

I've got some video that I'll work on and get uploaded by tonight hopefully.

Got back home about noon. Wind died down about 20 miles west of camp. It was a nice drive. Wanted to stop on the way home and go wheelin'. Wish it wasn't so dang windy out there. It ruined the campfire for Saturday night. But, a bad day in the desert is always better than a good day at home.

Deja was the newbie run all over again with the winds kicking up in the afternoon and didn't let up til around sunrise. It was actually nice and calm for awhile so we planned to do a short run but once again the winds started blowing pretty fierce, a real sandstorm.
Ocotillo doesn't have quite the terrain we are used to at Truckhaven but we tried to make the best of it by runnin' some sand hills and high speed jaunts through the washes. I didn't get any pics this trip but I saw a few camera's out this weekend from people in our group.

Did you guy's do any wheeling in TH it'self or just around the camp area? I guess Tom R. didn't make it out either. Oh well, NEXT YEAR FOR SURE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sorry DB1, I just saw your post on where you wheeled, got my answer!

Oh well, NEXT YEAR FOR SURE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tell that booty fabber of yours to hurry up with the rig, we're all anxiously waiting here:p::thumbsup:



Been home for a couple of hours and don't think I'll ever manage to get all the sand out. Other than that I had a really good time with you all.

Thanks to Mrs. zukman for the flag, Stic-o for the skid-plate, BKennedy for taking the lead, and a special thanks to DB 1 for letting me "steal" a seat on Sat. :thumbsup:

I didn't get many pictures, but here's a couple...


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So Dave, how much money did you make at your lemonade stand?:p:

Had a great time, Wind, really kinda screwed everthing:thumbdwn: but it was it was good to see everybody, after not being able to go on the last run. It was good to sleep through a night:p:

The F-one fiifty work Flawlessly!:thumbsup: There were times on the way home I forgot the Ex was behind me:confused: Can't wait to see some of the Danny's video , saw him going up 86S with a video cam in hand on me, drivin his SD pullin the the wind!:eek:

Oh...and the was pretty bad going thru Fontucky:(

Let's try to get another run going here, Maybe one more T-haven before the Heat, although we'll be cutting it close I'm betting, or a BB run that everyone can make. Maybe all of us not going to Moab can make a BB run the same weekend ;)

the pretty side of the desert when the wind is not blowing



Looks like a good time out there :D bummer i could'nt have made it but anywhoo

I second Stic-o's motion for another truckhaven run soon.

also nice to see Jefe putting in a appearance once again. Is he joneses for another rig yet?

So why was Boomer towing Dannyboy's rig?

Oh yea Froader I like your new kitchen :D

I took no less than 6 attempts at a pretty steep hill full of sand. So damn close that I was detemined and was bouning up and down almost making it over the rocks, somewhere in the mix I did something to the manual shift t-case. And then the next morning it had no juice at all, probably pulled a battery cable out of whack someplace.

I used my video camera for the first time this weekend. I've got a good editing program on my laptop, but that's not here so vids will have to wait. This is my first ever youtube upload too.


Field Trip

So we decided to head over by the NE end of the Salton Sea to look at these abandoned buildings, we ended up having a nice little vacation.

No B.S., I didn't add to this grafitti, but when my rap album comes out I'll be using some of these pics.


So we tried to rent a room at this motel, looks like it's a serve-yourself


The hot tub kinda sucked, but it was close to the room


Ali and I getting our young american jcrew pose


Then we tried to take the old submarine out for a spin


That wasn't working so Ali found alternative use for the pole


After that, we decided to lounge by the pool of the other marina club. I even jumped in the deep end.




I did take a few wheelin photos too, but we were laughing about these too much not to share them.

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Tell that booty fabber of yours to hurry up with the rig, we're all anxiously waiting here:p::thumbsup:

I was told today by that booty fabber you named:p: that the ram's that we were having specially made would be possibly done by the end of this week. That will be exciting. Cage is almost done, then finishing up the suspension, interior, body work and then the paint job. Then the big road test!:eek: