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Return from Tellico 6-28-03

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August 25, 1999
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2nd Tellico Run

I thought I would go ahead and post some of the pics from the Tellico Revisited run. I know there are more photos out there, but this is all that I have!
crossing at trail 5



Joshs stuck at the culvert

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One more of Josh

Robb in his sold axle Rodeo

JasonB in his IFS Ex

Me in my TTB Ex

And the hugs I received from the Tellico trails......:D

starting with a bent runningboard and half a flare gone..

Have a matching pair!

Nice new pinstriping

And one more of the drivers side running board, which come to find out hit more than just the board itself....

What a great day! Thanks Ray for meeting up with me down there, camping was certainly the way to go!
The next run at Tellico, I am definitely there :D

I had a great time yall, thanks a lot for putting up with me for 8 whole hours too Caleb. I think you should get a pic of your totally custom running boards too, they look sweeeeet.

edit:...beat me to the pics

Well this turned out to be another great Tellico trip. First off, I would like to express how different the trails were this time compared to last time I was there which was mid April. Some parts were much harder, some parts were much easier. A lot of the trails have been "worked on" with heavy machinery and Fain's Ford was stacked so much that it was basically a wheelchair ramp! There were very few people out this weekend so there wasn't much traffic jams or anything.
Anyway, the group consisted of 2 Monteros (one basically stock on 31s and one on 33s), 2 4runners (both on 33s, one locked front and rear), 1 Rodeo (SAS, locked front and rear on 36s), 1 Trooper (locked rear on 33s), and of course 2 Explorers and a Ranger.
Me in my sport with locked rear and 33s and Caleb (Limited Ex) in is 1st gen with 33s and lots of lift were the Explorers and Josh Adams was in his Ranger on 34s.
We started the trip were we ended out last one at the river crossing. The trail was slightly wet all day, just enough to be slick but not enough to make everything impossible. Everyone did great, especially the basically stock Montero! It was his first time out and he definately used his skid plates and sliders to their fullest. He got stuck twice I believe and had to be pulled just a little, but I can honestly say I was impressed with him and his truck. It was Caleb's first time on this kind of trail and from what I could tell, he had a blast! He commented first thing that he wanted to get rid of his factory pretty running boards so he could do some sliders like everyone else. Well, it didn't take that long before mother nature granted his wish. The infamous culvert grabbed Josh once again and wouldn't let him loose without a nice tug from one of the 4Runner in front of him. His wheelbase just gets him on that obstacle and had him completely high centered. Caleb followed suit and hit the hole before the culvert with his rear tires. The culvert decided to reshape his running boards pretty good. One of the 4Runners blew one of his MT/Rs on a rock so we had to change that out. Unfortunately he didn't have a full size spare so he got the "funny looking" award for the rest of the trip.
We had lunch above slickrock where we watched the folks winch their way up. One blew something in the front end and lost it and had to turn around and go back out.
At the base of 8 we split up and most of us went down 6. The two 4Runners and Josh Adams went back out via 5 across the creek and went and staked out Upper 2 for some action. The rest of us got there just after the action which included one roll over. Darn it, we missed it all. All in all, it was a GREAT trip once again and everyone thoroughly enjoyed it from what I could tell. Trail 6 is very different and not nearly as fun, but still a good trail. There was no real damage to anyone's rig (I'm not counting Caleb's running boards since he wanted them gone anyway) so I would say it was a really good trip. Everyone was really cool which is always a plus and I hope to wheel with them again soon! I accidentally left my camera in Patrick's truck at the pay station so I got no pictures. That really sucks but I saw cameras all day so I'll let the others add their pics. Josh is on vacation for a week so he will probably add to this when he returns. The rest of you feel free to give your comments and post pictures!

Hey man, thanks for being my cameraman most of the time! Oh and by the way, you left your apples in my Ex, I found them this morning. You did not still want them did you? :p

Woot, I made it into a pic! Any kid you see wearing a red shirt in the background is me :D

But yeah, that trip was a lot of fun. And I have to thank Jason for letting me not only ride up and back with him but ride around the trails.

Can't wait to do it again! Oh yeah, and for more pics to surface ;) :D

doh.. i guess this was done while i was writting mine! i'll merge em...

btw.. .look how crappy that pic is of me "flexing" compared the SAS rodeo. geez!

nice caleb. next time i hopefully will be free and will come and run the trails if there to to advanced!

i still wanna know what the elephants were all about :D

elephants? what the heck are you talking about. i guess you have some giraffes too?

i know someone has to have some more pics! see if i leave my camera again!

I have a few more I can post, not much of anything special however.......

That Rodeo looks pretty damn nice!

Good pics, looks like you guys had alot of fun!

Originally posted by jasonb
i know someone has to have some more pics!

Well, I didn't have a camera. You didn't have a camera. Patrick didn't have a camera. That leaves Josh. Josh is the only other person there from Explorerforum, I don't know if he took pics.

It was a lot of fun. And that was one badass Rodeo, it was huge :eek:

And leave the elephants and giraffes out of all this ;) :D

EDIT: Caleb, might as well post the other pics you got. It's all we have :)

I know that Josh has lots of pics and video, and also Marks brother was videotaping a lot. I gave him my email address and he is supposed to send me either the video itself or a link to it. But for now, here are a few more pics....

One of the neat looking vehicles that we saw


I forgot what trail this is....

Ray in his very much used Montero

Keiths stock Montero with 31s

Some dude that forgot his camera........:rolleyes: :p

One of the rest of the group, minus the 4Runner guys

And other than some more shots of my Ex, that is all I have! Hopefully Josh will have some much better pics.....when he gets back of course!

the rodeo is from winston. the guys that built the rodeo and put the SAS in are the same ppl that are going to build Caleb's and my rock slidders! when caleb get his on we'll post pictures.

the rodeo has locked OX locker front and rear and is soon to get dana 44's front and rear.

if he puts a d44 in the rear.. he's going backward.. he already has a gm 14 bolt so he said. and a 44 up front. i'm pretty sure his ox is just front.. because he was locked rear all day, even in the parking lot. i could be wrong though.


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sorry josh...

this is the sad pic of Josh's nemesis striking again... next time bud.. next time you will conquer that dang thing!

for the record.. there is hole on the other side of that culvert that swallows the rear tires as soon as you go across. if your wheelbase is too long.. you'd basically need 40" tires to not get high centered the way it is now. that's why josh got stuck on it!


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jason, maybe that's the jeep they had in the shop. they were parked next to each other and i could have gotten them mixed up. i KNOW he had a OX in the front. it was put in just days before he left while we we're at the shop.