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Return from Truck Haven Oct 2011


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I got a little body damage today.. nothing much..


9/21/2011 truckhaven body damage by maniak_az, on Flickr


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Wow Truckhaven has changed a bit since the last time i was out there

Wow Truckhaven has changed a bit since the last time i was out there

It is about the same. We are just getting a bit more adventuresses with the lines we attempt. It was a great time out there Saturday. It was HOT though. Lets just say a welder highlift strap and zipties were used. Not all the same time.

Just got home. My truck didn't have any repairs done to it on the trip ;)

is there a return thread? or just keepin it tagged on the back of this thread?


(Not the whole group)


So did Rick manage to wear the Char shirt? Wonder if I need to go into hiding

I'm embarrassed to say that I forgot the shirt at home:( I also forgot our BBQ grill:banghead: I'm going to put the shirt in the camper so that it WILL be with us on the next run!!

All my pics are on Facebook right now I will upload to the forum after I've had a chance to relax for awhile.

Its okay I'll make more and sell em to fund a better EF server :D

Had a fun time riding in different people's trucks yesterday, so thanks for that everyone! I think I'll probably try to bring my dad's Jeep next time so I can take part in the group runs.

Had an interesting trip home. Took the dirt all the way to the Red Earth gas station, and when I got there my diff cover was leaking in several places, and I couldn't get the tranny into park, and thus couldn't get the key out of the ignition. Got it into park by pushing the linkage under the truck. Took some of the dash panels off and found where a screw had fallen out of where the shifter pulls the cable under the dash, and got it reinstalled, so that was luckily an easy fix and no problems with the transmission. And I ended up stopping 3 times on the way home to fill up the differential, and by the 3rd time I stopped it was almost pouring out of the cover. I went through an entire bottle of gear oil, and I have about half of that all over the back of my truck now haha. But at least I made it home in one piece. That's a successful trip in my book.

I'll get pictures/vids up later.

Wow, what a interesting but good weekend. JP preformed awesomely! Going pretty much anywhere I pointed her. In fact maybe a little to well.:rolleyes:

RJ tried going up a double ledge in his yota, and after not successfully making it, the others said "show it how it's done Stic". So with wife and two toddlers strapped in the back seat I did just that:D


After getting to the top, I realized, there was no way back down.:( With the ledge only a bit wider then the truck turning around was not a option. Going forward meant certain doom, by falling into a huge whole the would cause me to roll to the driver side, and backing back down meant backing down the double ledge while doing a 45* turn, which also presented a very high possibility of rolling. We pulled the kids and wife from the car a debated the best coarse action for quite some time.


At this point I pretty much accepted the fact that I was testing the cage today. Pretty much everyone had accepted it at this point. The pictures do no justice what so ever to the situation. So after coming to the conclusion that backing back down was the best option, and anyone helping to add ballast or using another truck to hold it from tipping would only drag the other truck into the mess should it tip, I went for it. I kinda felt like the captain going down with the sinking ship.:(

With a lot of luck, and patience, I was able to back it, back down safely. It was pretty amazing.

The rest of the weekend was great. went on another run after lunch, where we climbed the waterfalls, and later after a very filling potluck, a great nite run.

Great to see everyone and I thank everyone who made it.

John would have been proud.:salute:

How is that "off-road park" with the obstacles in it?

Honestly, it pretty dumb. There is some easy stuff, and other stuff that is so hard that even full comp buggys would have problems. You ask yourself "Why did they build this? Why is this even here?" Alot of the stuff is made from concrete, and it doesn't give like the dirt over at t-haven. Rocks are also cemented in, in some places so they don't move. If you want to just destroy your rig, it's the place. :rolleyes: The novelty wore off pretty quick:( then we retreated back where we belong.:p:

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Had a great time this weekend. The pot luck dinner turned out fantastic! Thanks for everyone's participation. Looking forward to our next time out.

Miss ya John..