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Photos Return from Truck Haven October '12 - Photos


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February 8, 1999
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Wayoutin, Aridzona
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Photos from Friday:

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Keep 'em coming, for those of us who can't be there. :D

Since I can't make it out there like alot of other we're gonna need to see some more pictures. lol

I will have some vídeo. When. I get home. Will try to upload a couple picks later. Second run about to start...:burnout:

Broke a tie rod end on the Pumpkin. Had a spare, but the threaded shaft was somehow bent and I couldn't thread it into the tie rod all the way. Out for the rest of the trip:banghead:

Saturday's pics:



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Thanks for the ride Dave!

Thanks for the ride Dave!

No problem Rick...anytime;) It's too bad your spare TRE's wouldn't work. Thanks to everyone who let me mooch drinks off of them. I only had time to pack a quick lunch before I headed out.

Good times as always, got a little toasty in the afternoon but otherwise the weather was perfect. Gave my new rear shocks a workout on the trails. They are pretty soft but looks like they'll work.
I need to address my body mounts, the body really bangs against the cage and makes a hell of a racket. I might try urethane body mounts in hopes they will limit movement or i may just have to solid mount the cab....the mods never end:p:

Awesome pics. :eek:

Looks like you guys are having a blast!!

Home sweet home... I blew two trailer tires on the way home. I carry two spares, and used them both :(

First blow out was on the Box Canyon rd. HORRIBLE place for a flat. Shoulders are soft sand. Had to drive until I found a somewhat packed turnout. Had a hard time lifting the trailer tire since everything was sinking:(

Second tire blew on US 60 in AZ outside of Wenden. Another really bad spot. The road was on a ridge, with no shoulders. Had to drive at 10mph for a couple miles until I could cross the road, drive down a sidehill, and again change the tire in soft dirt:banghead:

Time for a trip to Big-O to see what they'll do for me. All my tires looked great when I started out. All load range E, properly inflated. One dead tire is a Commodore, the other is a Tow Master.

Great to see everyone at T-haven:chug: I had a fantastic weekend even with the slight mishaps:D


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...I quickly stopped by the barn to swap ponies and decided since I have some better internet here I would upload a few items...:D

..The trucks are unloading and the pre- first-run anticipation begins..

..and we found where Dave Alfaro disappears to..We found him way out here playing himself in a game of tetherball..:p:

..and a Public Service announcement..


..This is your truck with protection..

..and this is what happens without protection..:rolleyes:

..It looks like someone to a big swing with a pipe at it..:shifty_ey

..and BTW...Dave Alfaro's daughter who usually rides shotgun on the trails decided it was time for her Jeep Liberty to get in the dirt...This is a video of Carol's Liberty getting it's first dirt in the Ditches of Truckhaven..:burnout:


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..While we wait for others to post..:popcorn:

..This pic brings a big smile to my face...I'm hoping they are describing how the trucks flex thru that obstacle and are not just demonstrating the latest Halloween dance craze..(insert Monster Mash music)

..And that brings me to, "Your Camera is on".."No it's not"...:p: