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Return From Truckhaven 2009


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Good times on Saturday. Weather was nice (but a little hot for bkennedy must be that AARP card he just got :D) Had a some breakage on the day run and a breakage on the night run in the group. Overall a good time. I didn't bring a camera so no pictures from me.

Only damage I got was my dash lights went out on my ranger on the drive home.


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..:bounce:..I've been anxiously awaiting for the reports and pictures, thanks for the post..:popcorn:

...I hope the big "W" didn't show this weekend, and I hope your dash lights is something simple...

Just got home. We had a GREAT weekend. Good to see our old friends and meet new ones.:chug:

Pics coming soon.

Another great Truckhaven trip besides the broken axles and ujoint. At least it was on something hard. :) It was good to see the usuals and to meet a few new faces.

I've got a bunch of video to go through, but the pics are here. - 2009/?start=0



Standard DB_1 umbrella shot with FAKRWEE taking advantage of the shade it provides.







Hopefully I'll get it fixed in time for the next run.

...Froader, you broke on this run???

My pictures and videos are available here.

Froader's break:

Made it home about 9am. Front wheel drive towing a trailer was not the most enjoyable experience. Thanks to all for the help in loaning the parts needed to get home. Loved the night run even though I broke. I will be back.:salute:

...Froader, you broke on this run???

Yeah. Driver's side axles and ujoint went boom. As soon as Show's pics finish uploading you can see it. :)

Oh and Dave, thanks for the passenger seat on the night run. :thumbsup:

....You couldn't have broke the cheaper axle???..:D

...I'm sorry to hear that...If I can help round something up, let me know the specs..;)

...Again, I am in debt to you for bringing me home some parts...Thank you and DB_1 very much...:salute:

What a great weekend, more low key than years past but still a good turnout. Got my D-shaft fixed in time for the run but it was rubbing on the gas tank skidplate whenever I flexed it out so I just took it off for the weekend.
We did a nice run today over in the wash where the arches or "tunnels" are and there is some really fun stuff there. I think it's what most of us are looking for in the ditches area, real tight and twisty and a high probability of body damage:D
I didn't get any pics on this trip but got a little video of the X-mas tree bonfire to upload.

Joey Jarhead, glad you made it home ok as slow as it must have been.



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That was the 1/2 price pick-n-pull special part!
Exactly, is there another coming up? :D

I'm trying to decide if I want to go that route or save the money and fix it when I can afford the alloys.

...Feb 13th-16th...;)

Part Price Core
Axle $24.99 $1.00
Axle 3/4-Ton $36.99 $3.00
Axle FWD $19.99 $5.00
Axle Rear-Indepndnt $45.99 $5.00
Axle Rear-Straight $49.99 $5.00
Axle Assembly $29.99 $3.00
Axle Assembly Frwd $42.99 $7.00
Axle To Axle Truck $139.99 $15.00
I - Beam Axle $29.99 $2.00

As already said the trip was a smaller group but still really fun. I had a blast as usual though I wish I had another night or two to really settle in and relax a bit. I have some video and a few pics that I'll upload ASAP.

...Although Pickyourpart down here is closer, it looks like pick-n-pull has the 50% off in AZ quite often...

...And I swore it said he broke the passenger side originally, my bad...:confused:

The short side is more likely to break on the d44 than the long side.. this has to do with axle's ability to twist.



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