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Return from Truckhaven OCT 2009


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What a great weekend. Little on warm side though.

R.J. 's buddy with the Toyota 4 Runner did I think a 2 1/4 roll down CJ hill from the top. We pushed it back over on all 4s and aired the flat tire back up and he drove it out. A few weeks ago they had put a cage in it. Without the cage it would have been a much different outcome. There are a few just awesome videos of the roll that will be posted when people get back.

It was great to meet the Kansas crew. They can post up when they get back but I am pretty sure they had an eye opener.

Jim99 also add a little bit of ditches pin striping to his driver rear door and window. Not sure how he didn't blow out that window. You did a great job with just a 3" body lift. He ran the whole day with the big dog group and hung great. Just add some tow hooks. Hopefully you can make it out for more runs.

CjExplorer took some great video of the roll and some great photos as well. It was great meeting you. Now lets get you some bigger tires so you can have more fun.

One last thing FAKARWE WTF???????? Not much more then that to say.

Now to unpack so I can go to work tomorrow.

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Also the TTB defender of all 4x4junkie made it out as well for a bit. Was nice to put a face to the name. He has a clean B2.

yeah will bet Tom Rios WTF? thread when I get back. LOL.
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I think they liked the drop off where the back tires come off the ground as you went down was the best part. It had to of been pushing a 60-70 degree slope.

My wife gave up her seat to Sparksaflyin for a ride up CJ Hill. It is much worse then it was even last year. It is getting more and more dug out.

This is all I have. We never take many photos. One is just a random shot. Second is Little miss Stic-o with our "doggy" and then Sparksaflyin coming down the steep hill. Picture does not to the steepness justice.


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Here are a few pictures i took......

SLIIIDE then a "honk"


Aftermath of the rollover

Then some Shenanigans

No sirrr, 3:73 L/S but a locker is next definately



all in all not that bad

...Just postin' to say I made it back...Will post what few pics I have later..:biggthump

Made it back, 150 starting pinning a bit on the way home:( Not sure what that is all about. Anyway had a good trip, a bit warm, but no wind:thumbsup: Glad everyone could make it out, and hope all had a good time.

Special Thanks to Matt for leading the Saturday run, he found some good spots and hopefully Kevin from Petersens 4 Wheel & Offroad got some good shots. I think he had a great time. We should see something in the March '10 Issue I belive.

Also here is the youtube video that CJExplorer shot of the rollover. Maniak also as a video of the roll over from another angle. Justin and Robby are OK, and not a scratch on them. The roll cage saved there butt!!


Just popping to say i made it back in one piece this time :D:thumbsup:

Have some pics to post after i rest and get a shower;)

Just finished unloading the Super Duty. I let out of there at about 12:30 after helping the Kansas crew pack up.

Maniak and I decided to go for a little fun tow rig run this morning. What a blast that was! It definitely off-roads different than my Ranger did. I decided to mess around a little bit and high centered the rear end while doing a 2wd burnout out by the ditches.

Maniak found out that the crazy track-bar he has severely limits his front articulation by picking up his right front tire a couple of times and doing the 2 wheel teeter.

Although it was brief, it was good seeing you guys. That was a nasty roll on the Toyota.

I grabbed a couple photos out there and a few on the Route 66



Yes, that license plate is real, he joined the other team




...Did you ever have a run that went perfect???

...I did, and I must say everything went together perfect...:biggthump

...Considering I pulled my 7.5 and installed the 8.8 by 4 p.m. Friday..At 5 I had a Currie 8.8 shock mount in hand, by 6:30 I found a place open to weld it up, Showered and cleaned up, swapped tools and then swapped gear for camping, by 8:45 I left WallyWorld and was on the road and arrived at TH by 11:15...

...The late night crew was smaller than normal but, I was there for the chair burning and the Bacardi and Tequila crowd...

...We had the best time, the Greatest food, movies, and weather, that I can remember...Hat's off to all who made this trip ...All I can say is , my theme for the weekend was "Content"...You know, when everything goes perfect and you are in Bliss...

...Anyhow, on to some pics...:D

..."Tow Rig Run '09"...

...Inspection of the front of Maniaks rig before the run...

..Then out to the ditches..



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...The camp at sunrise Saturday morning...

...The Kansas Crew planning their escape...JT to Sparksaflyin, "These guys are nuts, How do we get out of here??

..Dinner and the movies...Due to the size of the crowd I couldn't get everyone in the shot...

..And some new TH souvenirs ...:p:


..Dave Alfaro's...