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Return from Truckhaven Turkey Day 2009


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January 8, 2006
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1997 Mountaineer 5.0
Whew what a Day just when think it gonna be just another run. And BAM Unexpected stuff happens.

Day started off Cool even had alittle rain in the morning but it eventually cleared up and warm up a bit so the weather was ok with the Persistent Big W rearing it head all weekend.

BKennedy got to Use his EMT skills today to help a Motorcyclist that crashed and broke there leg. eventually that person was Life flighted out from from Truckhaven.

And some else in the group needs a new bed now also :D

After that and then eating lunch we went on and had quite fun time in the hills. we pretty wheeled till 4 pm and then packed it in and called a day.

Attendee List
DB1 and his friend Tim
90Ranajo for short time
BKennedy and couple friends with Jeeps

PIcs and i sure the other will post later

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where's the pic's already!!!!!!!!!! common what's the hold up!!!!!!!!!!

gotta get home and on the home internet connection.

Right now me and Ted are at the Arco having dinner and BSing around while the masses are bailing outta here.

hmmmmm My new toy:cool:

More to come later

I had a great time, but forgot my camera.
That guy had a broken femur and had to be air lifted. Good day anyway.

So I showed up with my buddy Tim early Fri. afternoon and set up camp. Weather was perfect all afternoon and with the wind being so calm the dust from the thousands of campers just hung in the air like fog.
Well sundown came and it started getting breezy and then eventually just downright blustery and we used vehicles as a windbreak as best we could. The wind continued pretty much through the night and into the morning but I still managed to get some sleep.

Enough of this wind talk, Tim and I went on a short run to the usual hot spots but really didn't stay long in any one place.

I quickly found out I had some inner fenderwell clearance issues. I thought it was the tires rubbing on the coils at first but got out to see the real problem.
I also discovered the bolt for the drag link at the pitman arm rubs on the tie rod when it gets flexin' pretty good.

As Cybergasm mentioned, we went on a nice little night run to get out of the wind. There was the usual mayhem at the ditches but I was also suprised to see a lot of people one wash over from the ditches area.

Today we covered some ground we usually don't traverse. Crawled around the hills between the bluff camp and towards the big phone booth hill. From there we ran into BKennedy and co. and only a few minutes later the dirt biker down incident happened.
Kudos to Brian with the training he has, I knew there was a good reason why we wheel with him:p:

All in all we managed to pull off a good run with the small amount of people that showed up:thumbsup:

No pics from me, I still need to save up for a new camera. A battery for my current camera is around 50 bucks:thumbdwn: I'd rather put that towards a new camera.

Back home safe and sound. Guess Ted is spending the night out there tonight as well.

got some more pics to post as soon as i get them uploaded resized yada yada yada ;)

A few Photos


DB1's Friend Tim

weak group shot

Rockin' the Thing :D

Truckhaven Souvenir

Hot stock tip invest in paint :rolleyes:;)

A few more pics :D

Ambulance service Truckhaven Style :cool:

Tending to the Patient

Prepping the Area for Life Flight 'copter

Life Flight coming in for landing.

To Be continued when i get the rest of the photos uploaded :cool:

...I am back in town and will post pics and more later...:biggthump

Man i wish i would have gone. Ended up not going anywhere this weekend, and to top it off, after washing the truck for the first time in probably 6 months, it sprinkled for a couple minutes.

Oh well, it looks like you had a good time judging from the new beauty marks. Keep those pictures coming.

...Bkennedy, I think you had a guy taking pics and video in your group...;)

...Trip report...

...Gas $2.75 diesel $2.85

...I drove all the way out there and got by the Red Earth Casino without a breeze...Marina Dr. I was blown into the left lane and from Arco to the bluff, you couldn't see the road...

... As soon as I got there I started to make up bed in the Ranger..The light in the shell went on but quickly blew...It actually burned a hole in the top of the bulb glass..As fate would have it, that was a sign of things to come...

...Next morning my CB would receive but not transmit...(more to follow)

...I am so glad I decided to go at the last minute and again, a fun group...:biggthump

...Weather...Big W Saturday night into a.m....Saturday a.m. it looked like it was trying to snow on the mountains while it was lightly sprinkling on/off most of the morning run...DB1 was coaxed into leading the trail...About 11 or so we met up with Bkennedy's group..Afternoon was gorgeous..

...I swear we weren't headed out behind Brian for 3 minutes before the guy on the motorcycle told Brian someone was injured...Next over the CB you here Brian say we are heading over to a down rider...The first thought that went thru my head although it was never said out loud, was Brian saying in an old Rubicon thread, "I can have a helicopter here in 15 minutes"...Let's just say I have never seen such a response by the agencies for 1 down rider before...It was well worth the trip just to see the Helicopter land below the phone booth hill...

..As mentioned, after the excitement and lunch, we headed out with Bkennedy leading the way...Just my thinking but I am not sure if one of Brians jeep buddies doesn't think Brian is nuts for the trails he was leading us through...:D

...Tim, Db1, and myself headed back to camp shortly before the rest did...Tim was leading the way back and let's just say we took the most direct route...No one knows this yet but I almost flopped the Ranger on the trip back to camp...We went up a climb with a turn to the right and a drop off ledge also on the right...My Detroit decided to push the front end (plow) left up the soft hill and let's just say was waiting for the worst...It all worked out for the good...

..I had another incident or 2 though..Let's just say there is a Ranger bed up for sale..;)

...The campfire session...

...The beady little eyes in front of the tent are of the Desert Fox...

...Saturday a.m., a break in the clouds looking across the road from camp...

...At the end of every rainbow, is a Ford Ranger...:p:..(Saturday a.m.)

..And I thought this was classic.Tow your For Sale Heep out to the side of the road with your Ranger...:biggthump

..Talking about Rangers, it was not a good weekend for them...Apparently, the only damaged vehicles I seen headed home from the area was Rangers...

...There was a 1st gen pre-runner Ranger at Arco this a.m. with it's right tire turned in and the left one straight, parked over by the pumps...I watched the guy get in, head across s86 at about 25 mph...Heading home a few minutes later I seen him being loaded on a trailer with a blown right front tire...

..Then I seen what looked to be an '06 pre-runner Ranger and some kid had a lot of money into it...It was being trailer-ed home and I think the kid riding shotgun with the my dad's going to kill me look on his face was possibly the owner...It was dark grey, looked like it was a full race setup with custom glass but, it had a rusty front pre-runner bumper...

...It had all the windows broke except the pass rear window, both the front tires flat, right front turned in, and it looked like it landed on the drivers side roof...I imagine someone will see his post on DR...:D

...Following DB1 out...

..The 2 Rangers side by side...He is on a little rise in this pic...

..BKennedy on the hill...

..DB1 coming off a hill...

..Cyber coming out of a squeeze with a ledge giving him some trouble...:p:

...Jeep Recovery kind of...He was needing to be going left from where he is but they tied him as it was loose...Brian giving him instructions...

...Following Brian out...(sorry blurry pic)

..Brian, first on scene doing his thing...

...The guy who met and led the ambulance in said,"The ambulance drive is cool...He was on my a$$ all the way here"..The cool lifted ambulance is only 4x2...

...and the much awaited helicopter shots...





...I did get a new ding on my door...

..I had actually cracked the front corner up in Big Bear a couple years ago and I have wheeled it a bunch since...The TH run last month must have widened my bed in front by an inch or so as the deck to the carpet kit was now 1" short so it couldn't sit in place...By about 10:30 or so after following DB1, I noticed a problem with my Ranger bed, the left side was moving out and wanting to move past the bulkhead...This resulted in the bed starting to tear...:eek:

...While climbing a ledge, the Detroit kicked in on either soft stuff or it kicked out a rock..Either way, it slammed my truck over a good foot to the wall while easily climbing the rock ledge with tire marks all over it...:D

..The result was a dent and a ripped off tail light...



...But don't worry, I straightened it up for the long drive home...:biggthump

...I always wanted 06 tail lights...:scratch:..Now if I can taper in the other side and still fit the 06 lights in, I'm good to go..:D

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So if the 2WD ambulance could get right up to the injured guy, why did lifeflight have to take him out? Wasn't it a broken leg?