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Return from yet another Big Bear snow run


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April 1, 2003
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So, it ended up being a pretty good day in my opinion.

It started off with me getting a phone call from Cyber letting me know that he had just woke up 15 mins before our scheduled meet time. Since it was already feeling like a lazy day I told him to go ahead and boogie on up, and that we would wait. So at just after 11 we were off to the trails.

As far as the trip went, we covered about 25 miles in about 3.5 hrs. I managed to rescue a Dodge from the clutches of an evil snow drift, and we got 2 of our 3 trucks stuck twice before hearing of the avalanches over by Wrightwood. Needless to say we decided it would be best not to push it much farther, so we turned around and took a scenic route back down the mountain to grab a bite to eat before parting ways.

...on to the pics...
The way up, and my trucks 1st stuck


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...My 2nd stuck, and Cyber...


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...Cybers 2nd stuck, and some rocks on the way back down...


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Cool pics! How much snow was on the trails?

r those blue fogs on ur x

Glad you guys made it back safe. I barely made it to the end of my own street today, but mostly because I stopped to strap a part-timer (stock Navigator, no chains, etc.) who got stuck half way into his own driveway :o.

Cool pics! How much snow was on the trails?
I'd say at least a bit more than the height of Boomer's truck ;)

MORE PICS! That's beautiful country back there... :)

I would have to say that it ranged from 6"-2.5' with some drifts running around 4'+...

We could have definitely gone farther if I had some more lift...My truck would starting getting high centered @ around 2.5'...

Sam-yeah, they're some pilots with blue crystal lenses...

...more at the rocks, and Cyber enjoying the view...


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Stunning scenery -- looks like a fun outing !!!


...i just made it back and i still got a death wobble at 40...:eek:...both front tires balance with clips this time, 9oz. and 6.5 oz...i got to check into it...:scratch:

...i'll be posting pics in about an hour...;)

...tada, here comes the pics...:D

...the first pic is the truck boomer snatched out of the middle of the road...;)....luckily, for the guy he had chains on a fours :rolleyes:




...and some more...





...and some more scenery...:D




You guys can't keep having these big bear runs every two weeks, you're making me jealous! Not until i can join you. :)

Anyway, looks like another great time.

Cyber's truck looks awesome in this picture, looks like it's on Dubs haha.

And tbars, your truck looks huge in this pic.

Well, I'm glad that you made it home alright...hopefully it won't take much to solve your trucks wobble...

I really like the pic with the hole in the rock. :thumbsup:

Thanks again to you both for coming out, I had a really good time...:D

Mounty, you can always come out and catch a ride if you want...;)

...i forgot to mention as we were on the trail going up, the monte carlo in las vegas was on fire and on the down hill trip 3 people got caught in avalanches over in wrightwood...:(

...mounty thanks, and did you get to go see the goblin???

...boomer, thank you very much again and i am digging those burrito's...:thumbsup:

Last I heard they still hadn't found the third guy...supposedly one or more work for mtn high but they were skiing outside of the park area...

On a brighter note, here's Cyber showing us that fresh powder can still be slick...

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...that video is awesome...:thumbsup:...i'm glad you got that as i thought i got a pic and i didn't...:rolleyes: