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Reverse Lights Fuse


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September 16, 2014
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Denver, CO and Cardiff
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2018 Explorer Sport
Hey everyone...

I've looked in my manual, and perhaps Im having a senior moment... but I can't for the life of me figure out which fuse to check to reference my reverse lights not working on my 18 Sport...


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You're not having a "senior's moment". Many fuses that used to be listed prior to the 2016 model year, no longer are. You'll also find there is nothing shown for any of the external lights or even the courtesy lights.


They may have automatic resetting circuit breakers instead of fuses.

If you plan on doing any work on these vehicles you are going to need a actual repair manual with a EVTM(electrical, vacuum troubleshooting manual) manual.

Blaming Ford for technology advances won't make it

If indeed they are auto resetting breakers then either they are not working or there is some other problem with the reverse light.
Actual fuses would have made this so simple to check.
Sometimes progress is not......

You also have to figure that if you had a EVTM you could quickly check voltages also.

If the fuse was alright then where would you go?

The manual should at least mention whether the reverse lights have a fuse etc... then at least the owner can start somewhere? Sad

I just looked at my 2016's fuse diagram and it doesn't list a fuse either.

However I suspect that they are protected by the same circuit that the headlights are and are controlled through the BCM.

Without a actual wiring diagram everything is speculation.

Thanks everyone for the replies. Sorry it took awhile to reply but I’ve been out of town.
I guess I’ll have to have ford look at it. Still under warranty supposedly so I’ll let you know the results.