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Reviving the dead!


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November 7, 2003
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07 Titan SE
thanks to everyone who reponded to my poll, i have decided to keep the old girl and bring her back to life! tomorrow i'm gonna empty out all the junk, and figure out some way to stand her up to get the body off the frame. anyone who has pulled a frame-off job before, now's the time to chime in with the knowledge!

here she is....

engine bay is a little rough.....


dash needs armor-all.....

chop it baby!

junkyard tomorrow for rear end....

assorted all still in there.....

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Ah yll be done with it in a week....come on now.....ha ha

Looks like a good project to be getting into...

so, 9 inch rear, d44 front? what am i looking for?

read through the sas my opinion do a 9 inch a d44hp or dana 70/d60 combo with a mildly built 302....

here's the deal, i still wanna go fast. i know i can build a solid axle truck that will haul @ss and jump and all that, like the jeepspeed guys. solid axle cherokees doin a buck ten through the desert! so i'm goin hybrid. i'm thinking linked front and rear, coilovers in the front, and well hell in the rear too!

i'll just have to cage the crap out of the front end, and do mucho gusseting....

if your wanting something like that, a 9" rear is definatly the way to go, its much lighter than a 60/70/14b rear and has all the strength you'll need.

Plus with the shape of the housing you can easily truss it.

As for the front, a 44 should do the trick unless you want to get really hardcore, maybe do a 9" center with 44 or 60 outers?

assorted all still in there.....


Sounds like a fun project... can't wait to hear how it goes.

BTW... Are those bullet holes in side window?!?!? :shoot:

sweet project thats gonna one sick x

those are, in fact, 5.56 holes......i became a big fan of the M-16 A2 while i was in the navy......

so i "aquired" an old m-4 from a friend with some serious hookups. totally legal though. papers and all!


So you were using the ex for target practice? haha, well anyway, looks like youve got a long road ahead of you, but i can't wait to see what you come up with on this project...

I wasn't but my brother in law thought i was never gonna do anything with the truck, so why not fill it full of holes. i'm just glad i caught him before he ventilated any body panels......

when i responded to your poll, i was thinking you had an explorer in the backyard that didnt have wheels, fenders or a front clip.... i didnt expect a explorer that looks like its been set on fire...... GOOD LUCK!

Is that a giant gaping hole in the door where the black and chrome trim piece used to be? I've been studying that trying to figure out if my eyes were just deceiving me.

no, it's not a whole. i removed the trim after painting the whole truck flat black, and it used to be gloss black. that's just the reflection in the only shiny part of the truck!

scored the first major part of this build today, an old fullsize bronco! i got a 302, a tranny, transfer case, beams, rear end, lot's o goodies! cybergasm, if you still want the bug, i was gonna trade it for this bronco, but he only wants 450 for the truck. so if you want the bug for 450, let me know......

still looking for a front axle.....

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Man look at JoshC's for sale thread. He has a d44 and 9" for sale.