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RFI: 98 4.0L SOHC Brake Job


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January 22, 2013
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I'm due for a brake job soon on my '98 4.0L SOHC XLT 4x4.
At 180k miles this will most likely be the last brake job this vehicle ever gets.

I've had my rotors turned previously so I am thinking about putting new rotors on also. I know I can get 'daily driver' rotor & pad kits from Rock Auto fairly inexpensively and do all four wheels. I think my calipers are in good shape as the last time I did them there were no issues.

But they also have loaded caliper kits that I am thinking about for the fronts only.

What might get me the best bang for my braking buck? ... Fronts only with pads/rotors/reman calipers, OR, fronts and rears with pads & rotors.

I know the best thing would be fronts and rears with pads/rotors/calipers, but I don't want to throw money at a SOHC with 180k miles that might grenade in the next year. No timing chain issues/symptoms so far tho so she may go another 75k, who knows.

Chef Duane

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Does it need rear brakes?
If there's no issues with the calipers, then why replace them?
Go to autozone and pick up basic rotors and pads, call it done.

unless the calipers are leaking, or hanging up, why replace them? as far as the rotors - it depends on whether they're warped and/or at/below minimum thickness. I usually don't even resurface rotors unless they badly scored. if you're not having brake problems and if you don't want to spend a bunch of money on this truck, just through some decent pads in it and go.

BTW, rear pads usually last 3 times longer than the fronts. you may not even need rears.

Well, it might be 180K but it doesn't mean he should use any junk - you still might need to brake to save your life, regardless how old is the truck...
At minimum I will use sandpaper to clean the glaze on discs before using new pads.
Pads - something above the cheaper ones.

I personally bought from Amazon front discs and pads (I have Prime). Raybestos Pro Grade rotors and Performance Friction pads.

Myself, I look at replacing rotors every brake job. AZ offers 2 year warranties and lifetime on the pads. This covers wear and tear for some insane reason, but whatever.

When you replace he caliper, you run risk of needing to replace the brake hose if you can't get it loose, brake line if something flexes too much, banjo bolt if you tighten too much etc... I know from exp! So if it is working, no real reason to replace if you are not upgrading the things.