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RFR2212's Current Ride

RFR2212's GTP

Here's my elite thread for my current vehicle. Sold my last explorer, and now I've got a car, so here are the pictures... More will follow, weather permitting.



And this leads to


MMMM boost! Enjoy, shall be starting my audio work log once i start ordering parts within the next month or so. It's doin alright as is...

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That was from 2 summers ago, me and my buddy did a mud fest in it. That 4 banger was screaming and hating every minute of that hole! That jeep aint doin well... but will see more attention since my buddy's drivin my old truck, he can work on that all the time now.

As for me, I'm lookin at Pontiac Grand Prix GTPs. Alot better milage, better ride, very very comfy, and the GTPs come with a supercharger stock! What's wrong with that :) They're quick at 6.6 0-60, and appearently with intake, exhaust and a different pulley can run 13's like that. Oh, and my roommates dad works at a chevy dealer and says they're strong running cars. So, hopefully sooner than later, I'll pick something up.

Well, I'm the new owner of a 2000 Pontiac Grand Prix GTP! Silver w/ black leather... heated seats, sunroof, heads up display, cd player, and best of all supercharged. It's got some scoot, that's for sure. Pictures comming tomorrow as i just got it late tonight :burnout:

Nice! i used to have a GTP. It was black on black leather. Car was super sick!

Does a GTP have dual exhausts?

Hmm... Mine was also a 2 door. I liek 2 door better :p

Premier said:
Hmm... Mine was also a 2 door. I liek 2 door better :p

They're not bad, it's just that it's easier to get more people in them back seats. I hate having to have people crawl over others to get into the back seats.

I never minded :D Just because I say I am the driver, and I make all the peeps crawl in through the passenger side LOL Its the same way with my sport now.

So... How do you like the car? Get a speeding ticket yet? ;)

I like it alot, seems pretty solid... Nope, no tickets and I plan on keeping it that way!

Great Ride you got there, i was torn between that and a maxima when i had to decide. what kinda miles does it got and how much ya pay?