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RH Engine Heat Shield Mystery


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November 11, 2013
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1993 Explorer Sport-4WD
During the head gasket replacement on my 93 EX, I removed a clam shell type heat shield and I am at a lost on how to put it back. It came out from behind the alternator and above the exh manifold. There are threaded studs on one half which fit thru holes on the mating half. I stripped one stud off and broke the other during removal. I tried every configuration to see if it protected the two big elec conn next to the alt or the coolant lines or what. If whatever it was protecting could I heat shield wrap like you use for exhaust ?

Please advise

Here is a picture:


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It actually comes apart in two pieces and one end fits over the manifold the other end fits into a tube coming of the bottom of the air box its purpose is to preheat the intake air like on older trucks with a carburetor hope this helps

Same locals (like California) say you must have it installed. A hose goes from that up to the intake system and when the engine is cold is pulls some air from around the exhaust manifold to warm up faster..

IF you need to keep it, you can use a couple hose clamps (worm clamps) to hold it together.. It just clamps/bolts around the exhaust manifold.


Ok - so now this makes sense. I bought this vehicle new in California in 93. The one end is shaped exactly like the air intake coming out of the air box. Thank you for the help.

Last night I drilled out the broken stud and then took another look at how this "clam shell" connects to the air box. I found the round hose that comes out of the air box and attaches to the circular section of the the clam shell (see RH side of pic above). The first thing I found you have to do is take one half of the clam shell and place it underneath the forward part of the exhaust manifold as Mark has pointed out above. Then, place the other half over the top of manifold and line up the holes or studs (if the are not broken off). I had to use a nut and bolt on one side which was a little tricky but not impossible. Also, allow clearance for the #1 (Pass side forward) spark plug connection. Then you simply attach the hose from the airbox. It's easier if you remove the air box, alternator and upper radiator hose. The whole process can be done in 30-45 minutes. It's good to get all parts back together correctly, and this was my fault for not taking more pictures and notes during the head gasket rebuild. Hope this helps.

I don't have one my motor. I may at one time removed it when I did my first head swap years ago. But I since have had many smog test over the years and never been asked about it not being on there.. in fact I wouldn't had known there was one if I had not seen this thread