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RhainyC is Scary!


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December 21, 2007
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Blaine, Washington
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'91 Ranger XLT 4WD
Ok folks, so I guess I ought to get around to doing this...I am never very good at pics so bear with this old fat broad! :p:

Me driving my '77 Olds 98 Stoney, Bless her heart she got me home in one piece even with a rod trying to blast out the side of the block. May she rest in peace. :cool:

For you guys n gals who like long hair...and Yes I am a Redhead both in attitude, temprament and ability!!! I used to be called a Wild Child, now they call me a Crazy Broad! :p:

And for those of you who like Curvy Ladies in Corsets :notworthy (a passion of mine along with leather ;) )

Just for the record, I do have long hair in all the pics, it was just worn up in the two. My goal is to get back to knee length...but I don't think that will happen...*whimpers*

I also am involved in the SCA and used to be very much into a lot of other re-enactment stuff as well...

A Couple of Updated Pics of Me

These are better pics of me...still scary :p: but better! :D

Full Length, the suit didn't suit me very well! :p:

Close up :D You can really see my red hair in this one...:wavey: