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Rick - This BBS causing crashes?



Yipes, sorry about the crashes, but I haven't heard this from anyone else. I'm also using an ISDN/LAN setup so I don't think that's causing it.

I will send your message to the guy who writes the BB program and see what he says. He is VERY good about modifing the program if there are any documented bugs.

Anyone else having problems???

Rick Horwitz

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I have a laptop/docking station setup. In the office I am on a LAN/fracT4 connection and on the road I am dial up. I have not had any problems with the site and all the bells and whistles (and light bulbs) seem to work fine.



I believe that you have e-mailed me before about my website. If I am wrong, then just disregard this. However, if I am right, you may want to look "internally" for the problem. After I talked to you about my webpage and its problems, I rewrote code, looked at it over about 20 different computers and could never find the same problem. Maybe your server has a "thing" for certain lines or expressions in html or possibly certain "firewalls" are set up funny. I am not a computer genius, so I may just puffing smoke, but I think the problem may lie there rather than here. Just my .02 cents. Hope that the bugs get worked out everyone.

Todd Metzger
'Off-Road and More!'
93 "Ford X 4" XLT



Rick - My computer crashes every time I log on to the site. Sometimes I can log on, and then when I switch to a message area or scroll down through a message the PC will lock up hard. (I use an IntelliMouse.) Sometimes I can't get past the opening screen. The 3-finger salute won't restart me. I have to cold-boot and then log back on, which is a hassle because I access the web through an ISDN/LAN. When I re-log on, the red 'unread message' indicators in the message areas have all turned to yellow, whether I've read them or not. Also, the yellow light bulbs on the main board that signify a new message do not appear at all. Has anyone else experienced these problems? No other website I've yet logged onto (Yahoo, Infoseek, etc. etc.) causes this problem, so I don't think it's my machine, browser, configuration, etc. Thanks for your help. - pjc



I hit your site from work and have never had any problems at all. I have very good responce time and all the lights work fine. It as a great site and I love the new look versus the old.
Great Job!



Thanks for responding guys. Todd - I've not checked your website recently, but I will to see if I'm still having the same problem with yours that I was a couple weeks ago. We just switched to a brand new NT server - maybe that's the problem. I'll talk to our IS guy to see if he can help. The bizarre thing is, this is the only site (not counting Todd's) that I've ever had problems with, and I access plenty of other sites, all day long. We have a 6-way high-speed ISDN through a LAN NT server, as I said. Who knows. As the lady said in "Fiddler on the Roof": in the meantime, I suffer. This is such a good site that it's worth the hassle of restarting.


Paul Gagnon

Shame on you guys!
You should be working not surfing.
I access from work too, I did notice a problem connecting to this site on Friday or Saturday(bulletin board and web site) but I have not had a problem since. Maybe it was congestion on Rick's service providers circuits. Seems to be fixed now.