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I guess I can make one of these now.

I joined up YEARS ago when I had first got my Ranger.

'96 Ranger XL 2.3L 5 speed, reg cab short bed.

How it sits currently:


Now I just picked up an Explorer ... FINALLY.

'97 Explorer XLT 4.0 SOHC - Completely Stock




Vids I took not even 3 days after getting it on the road :P



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Nice trucks Rob. Any plans for the Explorer?

Where were you out wheeling? It didn't look like BFG or Breslau.

Lowered trucks... I've always wanted one. I've wanted to get a smaller pickup and see what all I could do with it. They can be so fast and sporty but still useful.

Everything looks good, any more pictures of the Ranger?

Ahh, it was in Cambridge. End of Franklin around the corner on Cheese Factory Rd. Just found it randomly when I was randomly driving around looking for trails in the country hahaha. Worked out for me that day. :)
I know Breslau, whats BFG? I also know of one beside Best Buy.

Uhm, plans. I'm buying some 31's with rims and a spare on friday. Going to TT the front and making some lift shackles for the rear and that's pretty much it until I get bored and more money starts flowing after my 2.3 turbo project is done.

Pictures... hmm.



Only ONE truck is on air ride in this pic, and all but one will be on air in the spring (mine wont be, I want to track it lots)






Nice trucks man!

BTW, just so you know, it's really easy to change the armrest cover in the X, so if you're worried about the tear, don't be.

Ranger looks great. Since that's your lowrider, that means the X gets lifted, right? :D

Mods to Ranger:

- Tom Motorsports racing style bucket seats
- sound deadened the back wall and floor up to the hump
- Painted deadening black
- made a cutthru to the bed for sound, might seal it up, unsure at this moment
- Hurst shifter
- 8" touch screen moulded into passenger dash
- carputer
- 15" touch screen going into center dash
- relocated temp controls

- Painted bumper, grille and light trim black
- fiberglass rollpan, color matched
- black housing projector headlights and corners
- black housing tail lights
- "custom" tonneau lol, its a sheet of plywood cut into 2, with hinges, covered in vinyl and held down with turnbuckles
- shaved emblems and tailgate handle that need to be filled
- squigley antenna
- billet grille
- 17" Fast Wheels rims

- currently has a 2.3L 4 cylendar in it
- tranny is pulled due to broken input shaft
- building a 2.3T with another engine from a b2300
- upgraded rear end to 8.8" posi with discs from a 2000 explorer
- blank rotors all around with hawk HP+ racing pads all around
- lowered 6" up front with 3" drop coils from Canuck Motorsports and 3" from Belltech I-Beams.
- lowered 5~5.5" out back with the explorer rear end as it's axle over springs now instead of springs over axle
- +-4 degree camber bushings to help with the alignment even though I think negative camber is sexy

Winter mods list:

- finish 2.3 turbo project
- get some belltech front and rear sway bars
- new tranny
- finish lowering the rear with belltech hanger flip and install bolt in cnotch
- get some new tires :) and that's pretty much it

congrads on being elite and nice ranger and x u got there u plan on doing mods to ur x

Yep. Just going to grab some 31's for it on friday, get some rear shackles made up and do TT up front. Maybe if my sweetie is workin at Princess Auto tomorrow (20% discount + last sale price ;) booyea!) I'm going to grab some fog/driving lights for the roof rack. Also trying to find a Class III/IV hitch for it for a reasonable price. Otherwise, maybe a small subwoofer or something.

Well, got the lights up top. Settled for 30s and did the Shackle Twist for 2". Got some fresh dents as well from grinding against a few trees. New pics!!!