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Right muffler for 4.0 sohc sport?

niCo tHe cEo

February 10, 2009
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03 4.0 explorer sport xlt
I am searching for a muffler for my sport that is a 4.0 sohc. I am looking for performance rather than loudness. I do want a deep aggressive tone but not all the time only when I step on it with no drone. I am probable going to put 2.5 inch piping throughout and would like the muffler to be placed in the stock location. What brands and and models do you guys recommend? I am more worried about the performance side of things. Thanks for all your guys' help.

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I got single in and dual out 40 series flowmasters on my 01 sport and it sounds real loud and deep.

check out the flowmaster website and you can decide from there they also got sound clips too so you can hear it as well.


check it out and tell us what u think

Yeah I have the Flomaster cat back kit with the 50 series. It sounds nice and is not too loud. It is the dual inlet and single outlet version and the tailpipe exits just behind the right rear tire.

yea but i think im trying to stay away from the flowmaster sound. anyone know anything about the borla mufflers or eddlebrock?

im looking for a muffler that wont make too much noise as im riding down the neighborhood but gives that deep agressive tone when needed.

I tried both a Magnaflow and a 50 Series Flowmaster with my old '00 Sport (SOHC). The Magnaflow sounded too ricey for me and I know of others who felt the same way. I ended up with the Flowmaster 50 after that and much improved sound over the Magnaflow. However, a bit droney at times in the cabin (but sounded great outside without being too obnoxious). I ended up putting in an aftermarket resonator to tone it down inside. It was perfect then. It all depends if you're just putting in a muffler or like I did, getting rid of everything from the cats back (including the resonator). I'd recommend a resonator of some sort. The 50 series seems to work better for those with 4 doors over the 2 doors (after all, it is 10" longer, so it sounds different in the cabin ). Performance was great and make sure you get an air intake if you don't already have one.

Sam always recommends a 40 series because that's what he has, but he obviously ignored your objective of performance over loudness. 40's would be too loud. They're not known as being quiet in the slightest. Consider a 70 series Flowie as well. They're quieter than the 50 and flow well. Others on the site have used them with great success on a SOHC equipped Explorer.

EDIT: Sorry, I just noticed you're avoiding Flowmaster. A 50 isn't too bad actually. The problem you'll face is the SOHC can sound funny with aftermarket exhaust. I've read good things about Gibson and Borla. Use the Search function. The subject has been thrown around for years (my first post on this site was asking the same sort of question).

im looking for a muffler that wont make too much noise as im riding down the neighborhood but gives that deep agressive tone when needed.

Well, that's what my 50 series was like, especially with Resonator. It matches up fairly well with the SOHC which can be finicky with aftermarket exhaust. For whatever reason, it seems like you can have better luck with the OHV engine and muffler choices, at least on the sound front.

Just don't let anyone tell you they can get their SOHC to sound like a V8. I replaced my SOHC Sport with a V8 Eddie Bauer. Only a V8 sounds like a V8. :D

The Borla exhausts always have a nice sound to them, but you pay for it. If money's no object, that's the way I'd go.

I wouldn't recommend super-sizing the pipes though... Reducing backpressure on the SOHC motor has been shown to noticeably reduce the low end torque. It helps the top end a little bit, but you lose a fair amount off the line where the slug of an Explorer needs it most.

I have a Hooker Aerochamber, dual 2.5" in single 2.5" out. It fits in the stock location, except its a bit longer. It sounds pretty good but there's a drone right around 2500rpm. If you get a resonator though it goes away. I'd probably stick to smaller pipe too, 2.25". It has a nice sound to it (i think anyway) not too loud unless you mash it, and above 5000rpm it screams, especially with my intake. Kind of reminds me of when the Chevy Trailblazer first came out, they made one into a trophy truck thing for the baja, with the 6 cylinder in it. Anyways, just my $.02

Here's a crappy vid of my exhaust i made just for you. Its kind of quiet...