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Right rear Drum Locknig up


December 20, 2011
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Comox BC
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1994sport/Built 1996 Z28
I noticed this for a couple weeks now (i drive the X maybe once a week) it seems the rear right Drum brake stays slightly engaged ... i really noticed when i took it wheeling a couple weeks ago ...really locks up when im going forward and when i reverse a bit it seems to let loose ... anyone have this problem?

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Might want to take it apart and check the adjusting mechanism. When brakes were last changed it could have been adjusted wrong, a part bent, debris in the mechanism, any of those things.

when that happen to me my emergency brake cable had seized up keeping it engaged partially

Yep.... i rebuilt both rear brakes and turns out it was the dam E brake cable ... i ended up cutting it cable to the passenger side and ordering new cables.... i took it out wheeling after and my god it drives so much nicer now ...I actually took it to work today.

Thanks for the comments guys.