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Right side door replacement


June 17, 2004
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92 XLT
I am looking for some info on the door wiring harness. I have to replace both of the passenger side doors on my 92. I have the doors from a slavage yard, good shape and no problem there. I am asking if there is a disconnect for the wiring to the doors inside the cab somewhere or is it hang the door and feed the wire in. It would be much easier to feed the wire in while laying on a saw horse. And I don't want to cut and add an additional connector or splice the wires if it isn't necessary. :usa:

I have not done a door swap on anything with a lot of power options, but the speaker and light wires usually unplug at the source on other cars. Then you have to fish them out out of the old and into through the new one as you hang them.

I have not done one yet that had a disconnect, but I have not had a door off an explorer yet.

I DON'T THINK...well ...i AM REMEMBERING THAT you will have to unplug all devises and pull jam boot .then pull threw opening left for boot .then the same for the cab part of jam , pull them threw the little hole into passenger compartment. they will all be connectors and don't yank them you will have to put each one threw the holes individually. hope this makes sense..

There is a connector just inside the door jamb body hole. It is difficult to get in to separate them. I have only done my front right 93 model door. It was hell that first time. I'll be pulling all of my door wiring out soon. Good luck,