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rim size


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September 27, 2011
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Makakilo, HI
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1993 Ford Explorer
would a 20 inch in diameter and 8 inched in width rim pop out from the side of the fenders in a 1st gen?

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Depends on whether or not the rim has negative backspacing. The stock rim width is 7 inches.

For comparison sake, I am running a 18 x 10 rear wheel, with a 285-50/18 tire. And it doesn't stick out. As a matter of fact, when I was dropped 6" in the rear, I was tucking the tire behind the body, AFTER I rolled the fender.


SO a 20 x 8 would be good then?


I'm running 20x8.5 on my 97 which i'm pretty sure is gonna be roughly the same as the 1st gen. nothing sticking outside the wheel well on mine

that looks sick bro. thanks that picture really helps on an idea for my ride