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rim width

Will a 15x8 rim make the tires stick out further than a 15x7 rim, might sound like adumb question but if I am running 32 on a 15x7 rim as opposed to a 15x8 rim, i know about the stability and everything, i just want to know if the 15x8 will actually make the tire stick out past the fender more than the 15x7??? any info would be great, thanks


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April 30, 2001
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02 Sport 2WD 5 speed
It totaly depends on the backspacing of the rim. The lower you go the more they will stick out. Stock is 4.5" so a 15X8 takes away 1" from that. You would need a 3.5" backspace to have it stick out the same. If you get 3.75 or 4" it will stick out the amount from 3.5" So .25 if it's 3.75 & .50 if it's a 4" backspace.