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Rims and tires......again


April 19, 2011
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'00 sport
For starters, I have read through over 100 threads to find out about rims, tires, tire rubbing, bolt patterns, backspacing, and offset. I also learned about gear ratios and tire size with respect to fuel economy and towing. Unfortunately, I still haven't found the answers that I am looking for. So here is my problem. I have a 2000 Ford Explorer Sport 4x4 with a 4.0 OHV. I was going to get some new rims that were 15x8. I was looking to run some 31x10.5x15 tires. I live in Kentucky and by my understanding the tires aren't allowed to stick out beyond the fenders. Since this is my daily driver and I don't like the look of the aftermarket fender flares I was wanting my tires to stick out as little as possible. The rims I was looking at had a backspacing of 3.75" and an offset of -19mm. Judging by the charts I have seen this amount of backspacing and offset will allow me to run these tires without and rubbing and without installing a lift kit. I do have plans to do a 2" TT and add 2" taller shackles in the back. I would most likely do the lift at the same time I put the tires on. So, does anyone know if the 3.75" backspace tires will stick out beyond the wheel well? If they will stick out, is there a backspacing for a 15x8 rim with 31x10.5x15 tires that won't make the tires stick out with a 2" lift? I would appreciate any help.

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i run 33" tires with a width of 12.5". the wheels they are on are 15 x 8 with a backspacing of 4.0". mine just barely peak out past the fenders, but it isnt even really noticeable. so i think you should be good to go.

Sweet. Thats what I was wanting to know. Thanks!

Quick question breanching off of his. I have a 98 explorer XLT shackled and TT The rims im looking at are WHEEL SIZE: 15x8 in.
BOLT PATTERN: 139.7 mm
OFFSET: -27 mm
COLOR: Black
Will these fit on 31x1050x15's??????? This is all I need to know.

bolt pattern will not fit your truck. You need 5 x 4.5" = 114.3mm. The 139.7 is 5 x 5.5"

but the spacing and offset is fine?

mine stick out 3.75 bs with 31's

Just my $.02. Alot of states don't let the the tires stick out, but the law actually states that the tread can't stick out. Meaning a sidewall bulge is okay as long as you can't see the tread.

Will the tires stick out more than normal with the offset of the wheels, cause I need to fill my custom flares I have on my truck

I'm running 33x12.5 on 15x10 steel rims with 3.75" backspace. Very minimal trimming to avoid rub at full steer and stuff. My tires stick out roughly 2" but is fine cause the state law here is 4" outside the fenders.

15x10 wheels will cover almost anything. Only problem is they will stick out further which is good for wider tires. 15x8 would be good if their only 10.5" wide. I run 15x10 with 33x14.5x15 boggers. I cut some fender edges off in the front and now don't rub at all unless the occational woop sections