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I would like to know if anyone knows where I can get some cheap white (or black I am just going to paint them) spoked rims 15x9 or 15x9½ (the stock is 15x8 right?). I want some rims for cheap that would be a little wider. My plans are to do the 2" torsion twist/2" shackle. A 2" body lift then put 33x12.50's or 33x11.50s. I prefer a little wider stance to compensate for the height and topheavieness that comes with it. (even if it is just a little) Also, If I go with a wider stance (deeper dish) am I more or less likely to rub with those larger tires?

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Stock is 15x7. 15x8s will hold 31, 32 or 33" well, many also run 35s on 15x8. About the only common oversize tire they can't run is 31x11.5 or 31x12.5.

$40 each at 4 wheel parts: black rockcrawlers. Get 3.75" backspacing.


This back spacing, ¿Does that make the tires stick out further just a little bit. (that is really what I want so that I can get just a little wider stance if that doesn't cause more rubbing.

Yes, a lower BS number makes the tires and wheels stick out more. Stock BS is 4.5". So with 3.75" BS + 1" wider rims your track width will be 3.5" wider overall; plus the added width of new tires.


Hey Alec, I know I said I wanted either black or white spoked rims. These rock climers, are they black or are they white? I am probably going to paint them either way but, what color do they com (I might paint the outsiede dark grey or a grey to match my interior/steps) with that first lip maroon (to match the paint) and the centers black. Or I might just stick with black.

They're black. They're on 4 wheel part's website (though sometimes the correct bolt pattern and BS doesn't show up, you just have to call.)