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Rino liner


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May 27, 2010
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Anchorage, Ak
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'03 XLT 4x4
I am looking to use rino liner on my brush guard, tail light covers and roof rack but the quoted me at 600-700 bucks. Does anyone know a cheaper/just as good way?

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use the herculiner stuff from Murrays.

I think it's $40 for a qt, should be plenty to do what you want.

...just don't get it on your hootus :D

Thats a little rediculous my buddy is getting a whole 4 door truck done inside and out fir 1500 by a line x dealer, ive heard bad stuff about hurculiner chipping and fading

Yeah I thought that was a little much, I'll keep shopping around. I'm gonna read up on hurculiner also.

I had a bunch of my stuff line-x'ed and preferred it to rhino lining... my old F-150 had rhino lining in the bed but after a year or two it looked like ****, but because I hadn't done it originally, they wouldn't touch it... I tried a variety of things and ended up just putting a bedrug over it, it was so bad.