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Ripped out my stock 1st Gen exhaust


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July 18, 2013
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Los Angeles, Ca
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1991 Ford Explorer EB
Been removing everything I don't need since I'm making this an offroad truck. Been giving away extra parts. I gave away all my ac components. I have a free stock 1st gen muffler. Looking for a used stock flowmaster. I'm in LA, California

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Try the for sale forum on here, or your local Craigslist may give even better results.

No need to sale. I'm sure someone wouldn't mind a free muffler

Since I'm replacing all the exhaust, what's the best diameter size for the replacement exhaust?

From what I've read, 2.5".

x2 on 2.5 Anything more and it makes things worse unless you have major mods and FI and even then it is more than sufficient to move the amount of air these engines pump.