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For Sale RIPT USA- Custom lids/colors available, DIY kits, Repair Service

Zealous Interiors

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February 16, 2009
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'97 Explorer XLT
Hello everyone,
RIPT USA has been in business for almost a year and a half and now will be offering some new products/services! Please excuse my website's appearance, I did all of the HTML myself and a proffessionaly redone version is coming in a few weeks! You can purchase these items by messaging me first, and then sending payment to my PayPal, (other forms of payment available)

The repair kits found on my website are cheaper than any on eBay! Watch the video below, it is very easy to do:

RIPT USA is now going to be offering professional repair services for those that would rather have a completely repaired console lid come in the mail. The price will be about $5-15 cheaper than the starting price (they can go up in price of course) of one of my auctions for a console lid on eBay.
1. Send payment including $20 core charge- Message me first for quote for you distance (shipping reasons)
2. I send you a recovered lid
3. You send back your old lid (as long as the plastic base is in good shape, I will go into more detail into this soon)
4. I refund you your core charge on PayPal/credit card.

Total costs will roughly add up to $49 including shipping there and back (quote depends on your distance from CT)
-I start my auctions for complete lids at $42+12 shipping, so the savings is at least $5 but some of my lids can go for $62 shipped, sometimes more.

I have been selling these Do-It-Yourself repair kits for almost a year and a half now! They are very easy to install with my detailed instructions and video show below (under 6 minutes!):
I have all of the OEM Ford colors, which you can see in this photo (have black leather too, not pictured):


All colors are guaranteed to be very close in color (perfect matches are impossible in the fabric world, every vehicle will fade differently, but I have ordered over 500 samples so they are good matches!) and of good quality. They have a 1 year warranty for free replacement, but after that I will stand by my product for 4 years and give you an excellent deal if anything happens to the fabric.

Save the trip to the fabric store, know it is good quality material, and my precut kit with the instructions makes it very easy to do!

You can also upgrade to my premium foam kit, which includes the regular kit plus an additional 1/2 inch piece of precut foam!

Price: $18 shipped, Premium foam upgrade= $23.50 shipped

RIPT USA is now offering custom made console lids! You can choose any of my colors for the top section, side section, and thread colors. You can also just add stripes for an additional $4. They will look like this but obviously fit to the explorer:


You can also choose to have your lid covered in high quality suede. This fabric costs about $30 a yard and is very soft!

I have black suede, gray suede, red suede, and 4 shades of blue suede ranging from bright to navy. Black perforated leather is available too! Thread colors come in black, white, gray, dark gray, red, green, blue, gold..

Price: $30 shipped, $36 shipped for upgraded foam kit
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Sending out a professionally recovered lid today!

Console lid recover

Thank you Andy. I received the new recovered console lid and it looks and feels great. I like the extra padding that you used too. :thumbsup:

Thanks again for a great job and a quick turn around. :chug:

That's great Keith I hope you love it!

Just got done with the kit it was awesome. I have never had a good experience with re-finishing kits until this one A++++ Product.

Thank you for the review Chris! I'm glad you liked it. Also, shipped out two reupholstered lids today :)

Got my center console cover today! Quick shipping and a great seller!

Here's a before and after shot. I couldn't for the life of me figure out how to do the corners, so I ended up paying a neighbor (who has a home business in leather and vinyl repair) to do it. I love the look; gives the interior a nice look!



Love the extra padding, very comfy! Will recommend you to anyone.

Looks great! I'm happy your neighbor could help you.

I'm really glad that I am starting to receive some forum support since this is how I make a living! I graduated from college this past spring and I am going to continue to stay in the business! My goal is to provide quality interior parts that the customer can install themselves to save money!

Officially have 1900 positive feedbacks on eBay now!

Bought a replacement cover from Andrew off eBay.

Excellent quality! His Willow Green cover color is pry as close to a match to OEM as you can get.

I'll try to remember to post before and after pics...

Thank you for the good review! I would love to see some before and after photos!

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