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rngmStr's 94ebX

1994 Ford Explorer Eddie Bauer 4x4
15x8 AR "ventura" 3.75 BS -19 offset wheels
32/11.50/15 BFG tires
manual locking hubs
BAJA push bar aux. lights
Warrior153 lift shackles
Pro Comp AAL
Pro Comp ES9000 shocks f/r
2" Skyjacker coil springs
2" TuffCountry drop AP brackets
pinstripping - removed
moulding - removed
stock running boards - removed
"bling" guard
front tow hooks
open air CONE filter
3.73ls gears
Rustoleum GOLD "rattle canned" trim
rhino lined rockers



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Nice truck man.

Where did you get that bull bar? I have been looking for one for a while now that isn't too expensive.

nice eddie x u got there

got the bull bar from an EBAY store

Am I correct in assuming it bolts onto the bumper not the frame?

Is it very strong?

bolts to the bumper............. wouldn't mount a winch on this :thumbdwn:
it's more or less "BLING" for the X

ehh, I don't like bling putting holes in my nice chrome bumper :rolleyes: ...

...unless its functional "bling" :D:thumbsup:

lines up with the existing bolts already in the bumper ;)

Really? hmmm, time to reconsider....

BTW are you going to do a SOA conversion? That back shackle looks like it would be PITA if you caught something on it on the trail.