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Road Trip Report


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February 10, 2002
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1993 XLT
After purchasing my 2wd 93 XLT last summer and putting a bit under $1000 worth of parts into her I'm happy to say she has carried me on another long road trip from Central CA to Seattle and back again. I ran 87 unleaded all the way and the engine didn't knock or ping much at all as long as I kept the tack under about 3K on the uphill climbs. I was running 10-30 mobile 1 oil and Blue STP and I think I actually have better oil pressure now than when I left. I am also hoping my injectors had a chance to clean themselves out. I'm hoping I will notice an increase in gas milage but who knows with the inefficient pollution control gas. rc

how many miles on your X? what kind of condition was it in when you purchased it?

I've Just Turned 110K and purchased it at 94K. It was in worse condition than I first thought given the lipservice of the original owner and assurances that it had just been fully serviced. First thing I did was flush the tranny which was full of black crap. I installed new brake pads, rotors and front bearings, had the radial arm bushings changed, replaced the serpentine belt, all hoses, thermostat and leaking radiator + a stuck/ worn out tensioner while I was in there. And that was after a new Bosch plug wire set and new bosch spark plugs were installed. I threw away the dirty, nasty, greasy K&N filter which was not doing a good job of filtering the intake air, instead coating all the components downstream with a good coat of oil and dust. At 100K I replaced the transmission filter with a fram filter kit and bought a set of BFG Land Terrain tires inflated to 35psi cold. The last two things I changed were the EGR valve and PCV valve after I bought the diagnostic code reader. I averaged 18- 20.5 mpg during my trip. Around town I get as little as 13 mpg with average of about 16 or 17 overall. rc