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Road Trip to Rosarito Beach!?


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January 19, 2003
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Hey guys, On november 7-9 I am planning on meeting up with my girlfriend in irvine and we are planning on driving down in my mountaineer to Rosarito Beach in Mexico.. I am kinda sketchy, because i've never been there and it'll be my first time even driving down there.. I am scared i might get car jacked or something.. any special things i need to kno before heading out there? It will just be me and her only.. We are both only 19.. I've heard of a special insurance that i might have to get? Do i need that? What else do i have to worry about? And I will be in So. California, and was wondering if any of you guys in So. Cal were kinda enough to lend me some of your guys phone numbers so i could contact you in case of any emergency's...

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haha... seriously guys, you really think imma drive a Lexus to mexico??? and besides my mountaineer is fun!

but on the serious note.. any precautions for mexico?

I would not drive something as nice as your x down there. I used to go down there in a lifted jeep truck I owned and was always harassed by the policia for one thing or another. They tried to set me up so many times that I don't even go down there at all anymore and I live like 5miles away from the border.
A guy I work with lives down there and the policia pulled him over last week and impounded his truck for some bull$hit reason claiming it was stolen. When he paid the $250.00 to get it back it was minus a nice stereo and his nextel phone that was issued to him by our employer. Another guy I know was hit by a local while driving back from rosarito he didn't have enough money to pay the fine (they said it was his fault) so guess what 3days in jail dirt floors and all.
So if going down there be very carefull. Im not trying to scare you but this $hit happens all the time.

you seriously scared the shiet outta me man.. im not gonna go anymore... Thanks..

hah, we were in MExico for a mission trip with our kids, and one of our 15 passanger vans got pulled over by the policia. No ticket, or anything, jsut a warning... but out on a country road we did drive thru a search point where they had mexico military doing spot checks of cars for drug smuggling...

alright on the serious note, rent a car and get the mexico ins just in case. You cross that boarder and you know right away you are in another country. They love them trucks down there and would rather have a monty then a lexus.

im only 19.. i cant rent a car!!!! I dont think imma go anymore..

Originally posted by clarkkent
im only 19.. i cant rent a car!!!! I dont think imma go anymore..

damn thats right.... umm call your ins co. and see what options they have for you. You hear alot of horror stories about what can and has happened but then again thousands of people travel in and out of mexico every day with out incident. Research all you options and take some precautions and have fun. Mexico is a fun and beautiful country to visit.

Hey Clarkkent
I would not drive your X down to Mexico.
Also does your girlfriend live in Irvine?

Originally posted by GIJOE
Also does your girlfriend live in Irvine?

haha wtf? hmm.. what a coincidence, you live in orange county!!! haha yeh man shes going to UC irvine.. and no u cant get a hold of her to hang out! nice try though

What is a coincidence is that I live in Irvine and my brother goes to UCI.

so thats cool u live in irvine man.. hey everytime i go to irvine to chill with my girlfriend, i'll call you up and we can go hang out.. not with my girlfriend though, shes a party pooper

Hey thats cool.
We should hang-out.
Just PM me when you are going to come down to Irvine and then I will PM you with my phone number.

In August, I led the Rebel 4x4 crew on our Baja Mountain Trail Run and the police didn't screw with any of us for any illegitimate reasons. Sure, our guest Kareem took a piss in the street 1 block away from the police station, with a police officer watching, and its no wonder the guy got caught. But, if you're like all of the other 50,000 American visitors that go to Rosarito for the day or weekend, you won't have a problem.

Suzanne and I went there 2 weeks ago in my Ranger to gather special colored rocks on the beach at this massive Sand Dune/OHV park just south of Puerto Nuevo (5 mi. south of Rosarito), and the quads and 4x4s were going wild all day long!!!

Insurance Make sure you carry your auto registration and an extra $30 bucks, and stop at the S.C.O.R.E. insurance shop in San Ysidro, CA. I can give you directions to this place. They have a clean restroom. Get back on the 805 south from here, go straight to Rosarito - pass Rosarito, and stop in Puerto Nuevo for $13 Lobster dinner with your G/F. Then, play on the sand for a few hours. Then, return to Rosarito, take a nap at hotel. Then, wake up, and take your G/F to Los Pelicanos Restaurant on the main drag. Then, hang out until 10 p.m. somewhere. Then, take your G/F to Papas and Beer and get totally, completely drunk!

Be aware that you are in a foreign country, and that being an American means you're "Made of Money." Also realize that there's tons of fun stuff you can get yourself into here that you can't do in the U.S. - like buying fireworks 12 months out of the year, or drinking (not in public!) in bars where there aren't any curfews where the bar cannot serve. Or, going to a strip bar, and losing your virginity!:p

Give me a call if you need all the info on this, 'cause I've been going to Rosarito, Tijuana, San Felipe, etc. since my parents were pushing me there in a stroller...

thanks for responding ken... Yeh, i dont think me and my girlfriend are going anymore.. We just decided to just save up and go to cancun for spring break..

The only thing you would probably have to worry about going to mexico it's the cops! they rob you blind. Make sure you take enough bribe money. At least $200 bucks. And if you look american Take $500 Ha Ha. If you got blue eyes buy some brown contacts. That is sure to help. I know this things I used to live in TJ.

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I used to stay in TJ in the "La Mission" district with friends for like 3 or 4 days, going to the bars every night and sobering up at Rosarito Beach during the day, and I never got screwed with by any of the cops. I even hit on another guys date right in front of the cop, and the guy (from Mexico) did not do anything because the cop was watching! My wife now says that I could go to TJ and "blend right in" and not have any problems.

I guess the moral of the story is, drop me a line whenever you want to go, and I'll show you around these cities (Rosarito, Ensenada, etc.) like an old pro and you'll have the time of your life. I've always got some sort of "itch" to go, get rowdy in the bars, listen to a live band, or check out a floor show and have a great time. I never get harrassed by the cops for anything, and my Spanish is pretty good as well. The cops have never asked for a bribe from me, probably because they know I just don't have the spare money to give them!

Just be aware of what part of town you happen to be in, carry your money someplace real secure, and don't get too drunk that you don't have all of your faculties, and you'll have a good time.