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rock sliders


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June 15, 2009
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Tenino, WA
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91 sport
A friend of mine was building a reg. cab toyota and ordered up a set of Trail Gear rock sliders for his truck but didn't end up using them in his build so I bought them from him when I was building my explorer sport. The Short bed/4runner 58" sliders are just the right size for the explorer sport. I had to cut and grind the "legs" that were designed for the toyota to fit the tapered explorer frame and I had to get two short pices of 1 and 3/4" .120 HREW to make the front leg a little longer but not everyone wants there sliders to stick out as far as mine do so you might not have to do this. The legs come with gussets and the legs are not welded to the sliders so you can put them where ever you want when you put them on your explorer. I ended up putting 3 legs on each side of my sport to hold the sliders on but you can do it however you want. We bought a set of 78" rock sliders from trail gear for an 88-04 ex. cab and cut them way down for my friends bronco 2 and they have worked out well for him also. I do not have a 4 door explorer to measure right now but I bet you could cut a set of 78" sliders down to fit you explorer also?

You could buy the tubing and cut, notch, bend, and weld a set of these sliders if you have all the tools to do so but I am willing to bet you will have more the $135 into just building them. Anyway, hope this helps someone out with there build.

The 58" sliders are $135, and the 78" sliders are on sale for $99 right now on trail gears web site.