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rock sliders


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January 28, 2013
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La Habra California
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94 EX, 86 Ranger
i want to do a set of rock siders for my 1994 EX but i dont have all the tools to make them is there any companies that make them or is there any existing ones for other trucks that will mount up

i dont know of any companies that make sliders for explorers, trust me I've looked. I did find sliders meant to be mounted on a 4 dr toyota tacoma that fits the bill nicely. I haven't bought them yet, however, a buddy of mine bought a set and put them on his full size bronco. They looked and worked great. I should be coming up on a set sometime this spring. Look up a company call trail gear. I wanna say the price was about 2 bills and they come partially disassembled, so you can move the mounts where ever you need to. Hope that helps.

You're in SoCal, everybody and his brother fabs offroad stuff! Ask around, someone you know knows someone who could make you a set.

I bought a set for a Toyota like was mentioned above-- easy to install and look great