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Rocker Panel Molding


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October 4, 2009
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Orlando, Fl
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1997 Xl

Does anyone know where to get the rocker panel molding besides the dealership? They want WAYYY to much for this. Help please!


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Stop at a small local body shop and see if they can help. Otherwise, it's a junkyard item...

They do come apart into 2 pieces, relatively easy to ship.

What color is your truck? I run across them at the junkyard...

The color is white, but I can get it painted if its not. I also need the piece that's at the rear wheel well. it broke off. its A two door explorer. Passenger side. I appreciate the help

Is it this style:


or this style:


You're needing the rocker covers between the wells (both sides or just passenger?) and the passenger rear wheel well trim?

Can you post a pic of your Ex?

When I get to the house ill take a picture of what I need exactly. Thanks again for the help

Here are the pics, this is the BASIC basic basic, stripped down XL explorer. 97

I also need a door, haha.

This is what's missing

This is what it's supposed to look like.

Got it- cool. I'll see what I can find for ya! :thumbsup:

No dice. All of the Sport's in the yards had the wrong rockers, and all had fender flares. I'll keep looking though! :)

@joedirt Do you know where I can find fender flare trim for the 96 Sport, like the red one in the picture?


Try our used parts vendors in the used parts section... Or junkyard.

Ive never seen the style of the white ex up there. Rockers but no flares?

They were on the 'stripped' models. I've seen a few municipal vehicles set up that way.

it looks pretty cool

Looking for a 96 XLT Passenger side Rocker Panel (both pieces) like the one pictured. If anyone has one to sell/ship please let me know.