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Rocker Panel Question

Hey all, went offroading this past weekend alittle, and got it alittle muddy. Well I went to the car wash to clean the mud out of the fender wells and stuff, and a patch I put in the dog leg came out. So I talked to my dad when I got back home and we started talking about patching it the right way this time. Here's our plan, he can get sheet metal at work no problem. What we are thinking is cutting out the bad spot in the rocker pannel and riviting in a new patch panel. Now on the rockers. I'm thinking about cutting out as much rusted metal as possible, I dont' know how much I can take out though. After cutting the rusted metal out I was thinking of using some POR-15 to help rust proof it alittle better. Then forming a new patch panel out of our sheet metal. And riviting that in. We will re-herculiner the area afterwards of course so paint really isn't an issue. I would prefer to weld the patch pannel in but i'm affraid all we have is an old arc welder...i'm affraid it will get too hot and burn through. Any thought? Critisims (constructive please)?

CP :)


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rocker panels

you can get replacement panels fopr about $50 each that are fiberglass so the rust prob goes away you cah=n get the dogleg piece too i found them at Blastingcaps


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Make sure you cut out ALL the rust.
I am sure there is a welding shop in your area that can weld the patch in for you, or a body shop.

Riviting is nothing but a bad idea.


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May 25, 2003
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ya definately get it welded

and you are much better off getting the replacement panels.

it will go together alot easier than trying to fab something. The dog leg is a fairly complex shape.

if it is just the rocker, and you have a break, then you can probably get away with just some sheet metal if you take your time.

this is kinda what you will be in for......


i don't have any from the cut out i made for the new peice or before the filler, but you can get the idea

you really do need to get all the rust out you can or it will surface again very shortly. I had maybe a 2-3 inch section that was rusted through the paint. As you can see once you start cutting it out, that area will grow quite a bit. i used a dogleg peice and cut about a 6"-8" section of the rocker panel to use. i did both sides and used a left and right dogleg and split one rocker between the two sides and had plenty left over from it.

try to make your cuts easy on yourself so there is just a straight line to weld. it will be easier to work with one big peice (pre-formed) than a bunch of little ones that will be harder to hold in place while you weld it

basically just replace what is rusted and if it is solid leave it alone.