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Rocker/toggle switches - where did you put yours?


October 9, 2015
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Des Moines, IA
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2005 Explorer Limited
Looking for a clean solution for the switches to run my auxilliary lighting, onboard compressor, etc. I'm thinking about the back of the overhead switch/light panel (in front of the sunroof) but thought I'd see where others put theirs.

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this is were i put my switches



This is the most recent version of my switches


They light up so seeing them is part of the game. I like knowing at a moments glance what is on or off. Lighted picture was before I hooked the switch for my camera up. But the name on the bottom lights up with the interior instrument lighting and the picture on the top of the switch lights up when on.


Hey, that looks pretty clean, I dig it. That's the type of switches I plan to run, and down below the climate controls or on the back of the overhead panel were the two places that seemed most convenient. The remote head for my VHF/UHF will end up in one of those for sure.

the nice part of having them there is I have easy access to ground and a hidden fuze panel behind the cup holders for each of those circuits.

That's a really good point. I was planning to use a small OEM-style relay/fuse box under the hood but most of the lighting will be mounted on the roof anyway so I'll have to see if it'll fit behind the console. That'd let me run a single power cable through the firewall and save me some hassle.

I'll work on getting a good shot of how I have the fuze panel run. I have a common power and ground spot easily accesible and then each circuit gets its own fuze. The wires never leave under the cup holder until they leave the switch and go to what ever they power.