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Hello all,
Long time user and fan, but been a long time since ive been on. O did my SAS about 6-7 years ago and posted on this site. Ive been running it with no problems besides the normal breakage. Lately i have been itchin for a upgrade and came across some up grades. I havent been on for ever so forgive me if im in the wrong thread, but back in the day it was easy to navigate this site. But anyways i have started my rock well conversion. I have rebuilt both axles flipped the rear hubs, shaved the breaks, added pinion breaks, grizzly locked the front welded the rear. Bought hummer h1 double beadlocks with rockwell welded in inserts. Plan on running 47 ltbs. Im running the BTF single reverse triangulated converions with coils. So far here is what i got, i have alot of pics put on my phone so i have to send them on over.


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    4 link rock.jpg
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    front rockwell.jpg
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Thanks for working on this. It is still hopefully my next move.

I want to go a little lower and extend it more in the front. Then bring the back forward to make the wheelbase right.

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I wanted to go farther forward but with the coil buckets i was running out of frame. I wanted coilovers but was to far into it to switch over plus i didnt have any cash or them. If you do move it 5 more inches forward the top loader will clear the engine crossmember. which will let you lower it about 4 inches.

redo 4 link

After depating and looking and measuring. Im going to redo part of my 4 link, the triangulated part of it. I beleive i have it too low and is giving me a low belly height. It is 3 inches lower that what my radius arm brackets were but it doesnt feel right. Im going to cut out the tube the bracket is attached to and put it as high as i can against the tranny crossmember then redo the crossmember so i can still get it out when needed.


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they re for my coil-- over shock set up that I'm building for my Dana44 conversion

After installing the rear end of my truck. It looks like i will not need to redo my cross member. My final ride height will put my belly at about 27 inches with 47s and that is not too bad. I’m getting my steering tomorrow and will be posting pics. Even though with the BTF triangulated kit it seems i need a track bar. So ill be making one to on top of the top loader.

some mods but not even close to the great pumkin.

hmmmm we will see about that once this is all done :popcorn:

what kind of terrain is this Ex going to be playing in?

Utah terrain. I like your post, the pumkin is true icon for a ford explorer wheeler, he has done so much with that rig. :exporange

Got the steering in, had to fab up some plates to mount the pumkin end. Still trying to fab up a bracket from the steering column to the orbital valve. Any ideas could help. Its hard to tell if im too tall because i dont have my rims set yet or my tires. I know i will be in the 84 to 90 width range. With these military tires i look way huge, and tippy cause they are turned in. I dont have anything final welded so im going to wait and set the spacing on my rims and mount the tires before i do any final welding. Im thinking about lowering it about 3 inches but im pushing it with the rockwells bottoming out. I will just have to wait and see what stance the 47s and spacing of the rims put it at. Ill probably have to lower it and dove tail front and rear. Oh great here comes some more work :(


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A couple more.


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  • rear done 1.jpg
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  • rear done.jpg
    rear done.jpg
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lowered the rear 3 inches and the front


  • final ride height.jpg
    final ride height.jpg
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Got my inserts just got to set the backspacing and weld them in. Next tires!


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I re-did my four link and moved my lower links about 6 inches higher. I welded in shock mounts, and fully welded the links. I also cut my h1 hummer rims and pressed and welded in the rockwell inserts. I mounted one tire to see what it would look like on my rig just waiting for my rock rings for full install. O yeah by the way i tried to get my 47 ltbs, but interco is currently not making large tires and the only set they had for me was 44 boggers, but i would have to pay almost a thousand more, so i went with some 42 pitbull rockers.


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couple more



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are there any updates on this thing? it is wild i want to see it in action. it looks like you have the stock transfer-case trans and motor, any thought on a swap to something like a 350/300?

In the future i would like to upgrade, im not too worried about the stock drive train because of the gears. My tranny may get hot, but time will tell. I have the rims totally made double bead locks in and tires mounted on rims and on the truck. I am waiting for my brake lines to come back so i can flex it and set my height and shafts.


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couple more


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Thanks! Its been a pretty quick build considering rockswells, the hardest part by far was making the rims. I still have some more minor welding/ bracing and setting up the height, but im gettin ready to wheel, moab car show at the end of april!:salute:

Little update

I finally got my brake lines made and back from the hose shop. Installed the brakes, man they are touchy. I started making my front driveline. Still waiting for some 75/25 to come in to do some more welding. Here is some pics of the drive line. Extended and compressed.


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