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Hello all,
Long time user and fan, but been a long time since ive been on. O did my SAS about 6-7 years ago and posted on this site. Ive been running it with no problems besides the normal breakage. Lately i have been itchin for a upgrade and came across some up grades. I havent been on for ever so forgive me if im in the wrong thread, but back in the day it was easy to navigate this site. But anyways i have started my rock well conversion. I have rebuilt both axles flipped the rear hubs, shaved the breaks, added pinion breaks, grizzly locked the front welded the rear. Bought hummer h1 double beadlocks with rockwell welded in inserts. Plan on running 47 ltbs. Im running the BTF single reverse triangulated converions with coils. So far here is what i got, i have alot of pics put on my phone so i have to send them on over.


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I recieved some text pictures from jake yesterday, here is how the strong box is going. I also was going to post how to grind the shift rail to have front wheel drive and twin stick a 205, put there are plenty of builds on the net and i just followed those, here are some pics.


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Tcase tear down in a nut shell.

I just pulled my tcase to send to jake for the 200.00 dollar core. The only hard part is pulling the damn snap ring on the female input shaft. Here are some few pics. To get the ring gear out i found out from jake it is eaiser to take a die grinder and make little slits on the out side of the case to relieve the pressure from the ring being pressed in. Then i took a small punch and a hammer and carefully tapped it out being sure not to damage the ring. The final pic is of what everything your supposed to send to jake.


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first pic is whats left over and last is what you send out. Takes about 20 mins to do.


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I just found rockwell flanges for the np205 so i will be running 2.5 ton shafts say good bye to that little ebrake set up i was going with im going to run a full size rotor with mechanical caliper at the transfer case. I talked to Jake and he has my stong box made he is waiting for my heat treated shaft to come back to marrie them up. I cant wait and will post pics of the first explorer with a strong box to np 205 with rockwells:thumbsup:.


Quick update after dealing with UPS.... Behemoth drivetrain finally got my core. Jake is making mine and waiting for his shaft guy, he is going to send it to me before the shaft so i can start making my crossmembers and my drive shafts then when the shaft is made he is going to send it out. I am also purchasing his rear np 205 support for the heavy pig and his billet front bearing retainer for a stronger unit. I have installed the rockwell flanges. Cant wait to get the strong box and i will post a full detailed install plus the cable operated shift system that behemoth is making for me. Pics soon. For whoever is following this..:salute:

oh yes!

Thanks guys, im working on it as much as i can. By the way i have a set of 4 gear planetary for sale complete that someone can use to send to behemoth for a strong box. Its a 1354 set.. 100 bucks + shipping.


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Planetarys sold not to a offroad person but a artist that thinks he can use it, pretty cool that he wants it i hope he comes up with something cool.

What is the latest news on that doubler? He told me that my strong box should be shipping out the middle of next week, which would be around august 8 or 9th.


Just got off the phone with Jake my box is shipping tomorrow. I will post detailed pics and install pics, im stoked i have my twin stick rails grounded my rockwell flanges installed and ready to roll once i get it.

I just read your post and wow nice explorer wish I could do something like this you have a awesome explorer.You got any recent updates on it?
Hey bovine thanks its been along time building this, this is my third build, and i use to live in P Cola, and In Jax.

I would love to be able to do this to mine I would put in a supped up 351W and a 5 or 6 speed in it. I am not entirely sure what a strong box is or does and what the advantages are of having one. Would you like to inform me on that and more pictures your rig is awesome.

A strong box is basically a double transfer case, but i had Jake build mine for the old tried and true ford np 205 which has two shift levers, that makes it possible for me to grind the shift levers so that i can have front wheel drive, this is great for front digs in tight places to turn around. All you do is lock the rear brakes and put it in front low or high and hit the gas, and you can turn on a dime. So basically the strong box is the stock ford 1354 4 low ratio and then i can put the np 205 into low also and get a great lower ratio, plus i have 6.72 gears in the rockwells so i should be at a great crawl ratio, i had behemoth drivetrain make my box, a billet front bearing retainer, a rear out put support ( because that np 205 is heavy) and all cable shifters. **** is in route and i cant wait to wheel this pig. i will keep the site updated, i also got sponsored by a local team here that makes drag cars that want to get into **** like the hammers, so they are making my cage and that is awesome. Im very stoked i have seen a few explorers on rocks but i think this one is quite a bit different.

A double low with 6.72 gears wow max speed in low 25mph lol but that should not affect your 2wd should it? and are you going to drive it on the street any or is going to be trailered to the trails?

It is strictly a trailer queen now, plus hydro steering is illegal for street trucks. It is a pretty low ratio probably alot better if i had the 47s i wanted to buy, but super swamper isnt making them anymore so i had to settle with the 42s.2wd will still be the tranny gears and the 6.72s, but i dont plan on taking it at high speeds only hitting it hard bumps and obstacles is the highest rpms this truck is going to see.

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I didn't know hydrolic sterring was illeagl for street use. I would like to make one that is street legal imagine the peoples faces that don't know what rockwells are with the top of the truck being about 12 feet off the ground and the attention lol.