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Roll over i talked about over the campfire.


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January 29, 2008
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Ft. Lewis WA
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97 Sport 2dr 5Spd MTX
Not sure who was all there when i told about this mishap.

Sgt (e5) driving too fast for a 25MPH gravel road (he was going 65mphish)

coming up over a hill then then goes down to crest to the left. he jerked the wheel at just the right moment. MTR's caught the gravel perfect. truck jumps up and lands perfect on its side and stoped instant in its tracks.

everyone walked away.

the truck was coming from the up hill direction.

we just hooked up our winch on the wrecker (army's tow truck) and just pulled it over.


550.8Miles on the thing too :(








With all the guys in it you couldnt just push it over?

You know when we tell you guys to be safe we arent just talking about when people are shooting at you.

was that an up-armored unit? My best friend is a Lieutenant for a MP unit and from what I was told, they typically drove about 30 MPH every where in Iraq. One of his crazy stories a hummer in his unit was chasing a truck that did not stop at a checkpoint and had a rollover as well, the gunner in the turret fell straight out and was not touched, however they have quite a history of hummers rolling and killing the gunner.

If that unit was uparmored, then thats probably why the guys didn't push it back over, it's running at about 10,000 lbs.

So who got to explain that one to the boss?

its up armored. its an m1165.

and the captain came out to see the wreckage. lol. he was not happy.